Xiaomi announces Mi Bluetooth speaker for India

03 March, 2016
Comes with a brand new Snapdragon 650 processor and a massive 4050mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

Good Product. Looks good as well. Bluetooth speakers comfort gadget for me, whener I wish to listen to music. I have been using bluetooth speakers from latestone.com for the past 6 months and till date I do not have any complaint.

another xiaomi accessory which will always show out of stock in its online store...btw i was waiting for the 20000mah powerbank

Any news about worldwide availability?

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi , widely known for not much good audio quality.
Hope it would perform good

  • LifesGood

ethereal, 03 Mar 2016No word about audio quality? So why bothetgo to youtube see the video reviews of this...they are around for some time but only now India will have it!

I am thinking of buy one of those but have no clue like you if the sound is really good or is like the other common bluetooth speakers!

  • Dro2910

Very pretty design

No word about audio quality? So why bothet

  • AnonD-429110

Good thing theres a mic.