3GSM World Congress 2006 summary

21 Feb, 2006
Today we finally finished updating our 3GSM article. If you've read it before, now it's a good time to check it again. We added a lot of new content in the last 24 hours. The 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona...

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  • omar

no doubt, nokia needs to improve the camera and speakers to become "the best"

  • andy burgin

Nokias releasing to many phones that Quick there having software an firewall problems slow down Nokia an start producing top class models that are reliable or your going to get caught being the number one in the mobile charts,improve your cameras please Nokia i like your mobiles but everytime you read a review about them the cameras always seems to be the let-down with your mobiles why haven"t they learnt for so long

  • viperkid

no wonder nokia has one of the most crowded booth! they had an excellent line up, which caters to different segments of the market! like 3250, N91 for music lovers, e-series for a businessman, n-series for 3G and excellent multimedia features/performance, mid end flip phones and a lot more! there's no doubt nokia is still the no. 1 handset maker for quite some time now, which has (if im not mistakin' about 30% of overall cellphone market). plus the introduction of new technology like UMA! so far nokia N80 is still the most feature rich, all in one, performance wise plus great price and feature set ratio found on today's handset offerings! :)

  • Ummmm

LG lanched great phone..

Good luck LG

  • Kevin

Nokia its really losing ground to the competition... sony ericsson and samsung are going to launch great phones, in stylish and specifications they are great. from nokia i did not get amazed by any phone, altough the N92 look pretty well equiped. i work in one in a multinacional phone store, and i can afirm that nokia its really losing ground...

  • Shaahid

SE is always best

  • Anonymous

one of the completest live report of 3GSM congress in the web , well done GSMarena, now this popular site is growing day by day ... cheers " !

  • ryan

i hope samsung can win in most stylish phone!

  • avinersan

ooooo com on nokia 8800 got the best gsm award let's be serios
w800 shoul of got that award

  • vvaqas

i must appreciate gsm arena's superb contribution towards this mega event

  • Stefan Fuchs

An overall fantastic display of new technology I must admit. I really enjoyed the development from Toshiba and Sharp and the new NOKIA displays too but we all get excited too quickly as it seems that most manufacturers take far too long to get them on the market. Even when they are released its the networks that have to approve them for compatibility. Its a fustrating process for the consumers. It sort of reminds me of that Napster strip tease advert, if you have seen it you will know what I mean. But the presentation of the 3GSM Congress by GSM ARENA was superb, keep it up!

  • math

GSM Association Awards 2006
- Best GSM handset - Nokia 8800
- Best 3G handset - Motorola V3x
I am not sure 8800 deserves it...

  • Mike

I read that the motorola v3x won as best 3gsm.

  • AREA51

so how is the champion of this 3gsm fair !!! i mean which model is the champion at this time ??? last time it was samsung D500...so how is this time ??? gsmarena plese let us know which cell phone is the winner,this time...please !!!

  • Ayu

Great. Keep up the good work