MIUI 7.2 starts hitting a second batch of Xiaomi devices

11 March, 2016
The first batch started receiving the update last week.

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  • Mohit Manchanda

Can redmi 1s expect to get update to lolipop or another?

  • Anonymous

Still no update yet for Mi4i..............Pls update

  • Redme 1S

No update yet for Redme 1S. Any Idea guys?

  • unnialayilveetil

when will be marshmallow launching for xiomi mi4i and mui 7.2??

  • sensy


am waiting more than 6 months for my mi4 android upgrade.now i have basic kitkat 4.4,now android 6 marshmallow running ,but i don't y xiaomi not working on android upgrade,every one expect android higher. MIUI IS GOING GOOD but at the same time we all r waiting more than year for mi4 android upgrade hope xiaomi got my point and trying to implement soon thats good for xiaomi otherwise ..........................

  • AnonD-4254

Reiki, 11 Mar 2016Well, it was stated in another post before that this is the... moreI see.... Will wait for it. Thank you for the info.

  • kb73kol

Did it start in India. Bcos i m still not getting it.

  • Anonymous

expected for redmi 1s to get lolipop update please xiaomi work on it

  • sukruth

when will update available for xiaomi Mi note prime
(note4g) dual sim

  • Yogesh

Stil no update for mi4i

  • Virendra

no Update available for my mi4i... whr r d updates

  • Reiki

AnonD-4254, 11 Mar 2016So, you gave us the link, but its in Chinese... Thank you. :DWell, it was stated in another post before that this is the chinesse rom update. The global one will take place later, so it's normal that the link is in chinesse, and it would be normal if you can't install it on your device if you got the international version.

  • AnonD-461308

The OTA in force currently is for chinese ROM. Even when global upgrade comes it may not bring any big change and the base Android version for any Xiaomi device will be status quo. The 7.1 update brought up more bugs than features and bugs reported by users were simply discarded by the developers. Xiaomi is simply using these MIUI upgrades of just cosmetic patches as an eyewash to subdue the criticism about lack of Android version upgrades in any of its devices for a long time now.

  • AnonD-4254

Even if we use Google Translate, all we get is words like "Millet" and "Rice" instead of Note or Redmi or something... And suppose I download and my phone becomes full Chinese, then what?
No thank you. I'd rather wait for OTA.

  • AnonD-4254

So, you gave us the link, but its in Chinese... Thank you. :D

  • Konsta tine

not a big deal update. no marshmallow, not great update

  • dking

7.2 based on lollipop?

  • Uzunov

Got a Mi4c here... still no update :(

  • AnonD-20358

As currently pointed out, the update is not for Global ROM. Also, I have lost hope of update of Android version. Looks like Xiaomi is too incompetent to give any update except fixing their buggy ROM or adding some eye candy....

  • Jel

just a couple more hours till I go home. hopefully OTA is available already for my device