Reminder: Side Sync for the Galaxy S7 is pretty awesome

24 March, 2016
Side Sync is nothing new. Itís been around since the Galaxy S4 and it works all the way back to the Galaxy SIII as long as youíre on KitKat 4.4 and above. Itís a pretty underrated feature of the Galaxy lineup. You can install Side Sync on a PC or Mac and it allows you to control everything about your smartphone, drag and drop files, open apps, and click around on a virtual version on your phone.

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  • AnonD-632266

My phone calls are not working properly, I can't hear the audio on pc, tried on mac and windows 10. Mic works fine. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Anonymous

Why people say? If I can do this at work without people seeing me on my phone a lot, it's a win right there. If I can access my apps on screen, and if I'm using my 4G, so I'm accessing person things without going through the company router, and logs. All this has it's own benifits, as well as being about to pull files and video faster than our network, and without notice? Personally it doesn't matter, I'm the tech watching the logs, but it's always nice not to have to edit anything out.

  • Emerax

dammit Nain that was not funny

  • Anonymous

aplle will invent it LOL

  • AnonD-509761

Not good.I have a note 4. I downloaded sidesync from my note4 and to ky pc. At first it works fie the phone and pc were connected after like 30 minutes of using it it disconnects rightaway. Cannot connect again via wifi it always says connecting tomy device and it will onlyconnect if you use the usb connector. I've unistall it no use at all.

  • Anonymous

Nice feature for sure. I find it uses too much battery though .

  • eyyy433

Striker, 25 Mar 2016Pretty awesome? Are you serious? I see no purpose for SideSync b... moreMaybe you just want to use for computer's keyboard with a phone only function, lets say writing a longass text to someone or lets say you synced your corporative mail on your phone and you just are too tired to do it again on your computer but you need to stuff.

  • Striker

Pretty awesome? Are you serious? I see no purpose for SideSync but only if you want to use your phone's screen for presentation. Other then that it has no real benefit. You can transfer files simply by drag and drop. By the way, I own a Note 5.

"drag and drop files (only one way, from PC to phone)"
Thats weird. I can copy files freely from phone to PC without Side Sync. What limits them from adding a feature that has been around for far longer than Galaxy S3? The fact it takes a while to load a list of files from a mobile device? There are ways around it. They could, for example, limit it to image gallery and a couple of other folders. And you can copy files to the phone when the cable is connected without any trouble, just open the folder in explorer and copy files... why not add this feature in an app specifically made for this?

  • Anonymous

Is it only for samsung or for all androids?

  • Anonymous

SideSync for S7 doesn't seem much different from say, Galaxy S6. So... What's the news?

  • AnonD-81051

Mario 1Up

  • Anonymous

They should come up with a chrome extension to add support for their chromebooks and linux users.

  • Anonymous

This means you can screenshot on snapchat then without being caught :D

  • Psycoknil

it is a good feature,i still use it on my GSIII