Samsung i310 with 8 GB hard disk

06 March, 2006
An information leak has appeared on the Internet about a new 8 GB Samsung SGH-i310 8GB model, successor of the i300. This new hard disk tri-band EDGE phone will run on Windows Mobile 5.0...

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  • Dudu

Though, it has a windows mobile... i think it is a competitor for the Nokia N91. Nokia N91 has a very poor TFT of 256k colors. In fact, de Symbian Operating sistem does not supot all the formats like : jar (not all of them); jad ; sis ; etc. It has less data (4GB). But let's look at the bright side, it has : wi-fi 802 b/g, a 3.5 mm jack (dunno if Samsung i310 has),UTMS , you can watch TV on it and so on. I am curious if Samsung i310 suports full-lenght movies and if it has a 3.5 mm jack.

  • B35tY

Hey can anyone who owns the phone tell me about battery life and other opinions regarding this phone??

Does it have a 3.5mm headphone jack? It looks like it doesn't.

Is the processor fast enough to handle the hard drive, or is it sluggish?

What else can you say about this phone?


  • Anonymous

i have this phoen on contract and the f888in sound is briliant and it dosent matter about 65k colours u cant tell but the memory is so bi i cant fill it up even though i have 7 full films and 200 mp3s on lol its amazing (im on t-mobile)

  • smart

the fone was suppose 2 be a machinery but it seems u lost the touch on the way.pls do wake up.

  • Anonymous

Where is the Wi-Fi on this phone????? I would rather have a wireless Internet connection than 8GB, but would prefer both off course.....

  • Rick

Big deal! Looks dull,cheaply made and it's not a flipper. A 2MG pixel camera is useless and the sound of these mp3 phones is bloody awfull. Do young buyers have tin ears? Where's the diserning listener in the 14-28 age group that buys phones? How important is music to this generation anyway? This phone will fail to catch on I almost guarantee it.

  • darkdawn

its nice to see mobilephones with 8GB hard disk!!!
but the Question is why??? what will we do with 8GB?? to listen to music? to see videos?? that sound nice......but in the same time it needs power,i dont need to carry this phone with the charger in my pocket and looking for a place to charge it:))
i hope they consider more power!!
although windows mobile is nice,but i think that a symbian phone with 8GB is much more stable!!

  • aina na

great functions but i dont like it design :/ oh it woudl be great to have such phone with atleast 1.5gb ...;)

  • avin

Samsung has the best technology in world. But what they lack is segmenting a perticular phone. ie. for which class of people?.Nokia makes differnent phones for different class of people but they lack best technology like samsung. And SE has one negative point that is very less smart phones with Symbian.

  • chup

Most of the customers dun care about the photo quality. In fact, it's so abstract that on paper you can say you have the best photo quality.

3 million dots is a better sell than good quality photo.
8000 million bytes is a better sell than good sound quality.

  • sinzore

Power efficiency should be the greatest consideration.Samsung should first enhance battery usage time on the I300 before inceasing the hard drive capacity. For heavens sake this is supposed to be a mobile not a desk top run by mains.other sumsung should develop a cellphone mini power station.

  • hira

i agree that nokia camera sucks. But phones like sony ericsson, motorola and LG posses very good camera.

  • Ayu

They should fix the camera. This phone must also has a 5 or above megapixel.

  • jbob

I must say I agree with ricky india the video quality on sonyericssons are quite poor and the camera's on most nokia are rubbish.Tho memory is great too.


HI Guy i dont understand why are all these companies running behind enhancing memory only why dont they also enhance the software which they usse in there mobile ......they can also work on quality of camera

  • Anonymous

Function is cap by the OS.. nt the fone...

  • Anonymous

pls understand y there is 65k lcd onboard... cause WM5 only support up to 65k... simple as that

  • leftajarash

Hmmmnot a fan.....its too big i mean the whole point fro me of a phone w/mp3 is that it will be smaller and easier than having both. The battery life is poor and w/all the software its bound to 2meg camera ain't too hot and as the screen is only 65k then the pics will suck! y aint it a 265? samsungs designs get worse every phone they have ran out of ideas!

  • Anonymous

I don't like Samsung phones. But their LCDs are the top notch quality. Nokia's way more better. Though this phone has 8GB of data storage, I think it will still dissapoint us in function wise.

  • Anonymous

Se fANs.. This is windows mobile.. The only thing is, is there wifi?