Apple unlikely to recover from falling iPhone sales in 2016

04 April, 2016
The total iPhone shipments for the year will likely fall below 200 million units ending up missing market expectations.

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naap51d, 06 Apr 2016Maybe they should get their heads out of their asses (all compan... moreI agree. Well said.

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Given that only God knows the future, i think we need to consider the effort of this guy in reading the future.

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Don't sell your shares this is a con you'll see when china and indias sales figures come out i7 sales and the shares fly won't be you getting the proffits but the fabricators of this story who have billions already.

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*insert some comment, stating something, without actual knowledge of the matter,in order to .......................ummm ,idk*

Maybe they should get their heads out of their asses (all companies), and stop overcharging for their devices. Not sure about the other manufacturers, but when a device only cost
200 dollars or less, but retails for 700-900 dollars, that's nuts. Bring their prices down, and make less per phone, but sell more phones. Duh

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All Android Smartphone companies wants to shut down Apple ,and I believe that will remain a dream for all these android companies....Apple will Rise Again !!!!!

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AnonD-500788, 06 Apr 2016You sound like you are a prophet and also the ceo of hp, acer, S... moreI'm not a prophet, I just read the sales stats. When iPads get old people buy new iPads to replace them. It's right there in IDC reports.

The crowd that buys 2in1s on the other hand are the laptop crowd. There is growth because some people buy 2in1s instead of laptops. It's not prophetic to say that laptops continue being better, it's a matter of fact.

A lot of people only bought a Surface Pro to see how it is, some (few) would replace it with a new Surface Pro, but most will go back to laptops, it simply offers no extra function. That's not prophetic, it's simple economics and how new products fair.

Don't be fooled by initial growth, what matters in commodities is continued performance. The real measure is how Surface Pros would fair once everyone that wants them have them ... and like I said they would fair poorly. There were similar such cycles in the past too (netbooks for example)...

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it is just because the price are not reasonable because its hardware is good but there are less functions in it for eg we cannot connect other phones via Bluetooth etc.
also other phones like Samsung Sony have better speceficions than it

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 2016OEMs don't care about those things. They care about profit, Wint... moreYou sound like you are a prophet and also the ceo of hp, acer, Samsung and apple, for you to know so much about the end of surface and ms. Anyways goodluck to that. Like I'll always say, time is an illusion, let's wait and see, till 2020, its not that far. What about that contact so i can reach u wen 2020 comes

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AnonD-500788, 06 Apr 2016I don't think that these oems are gonna switch to android cus wi... moreOEMs don't care about those things. They care about profit, Wintel is expensive so to produce those laptops/tablets costs for them a lot. Since the sales would soon taper off producing such "tablets" would come at a cost for them so they'll cease production.

They'd either return to proper laptops or (some of them) to proper tablets (once Android tablets resume making sense, either with Android N or with Android O ...).

Like I've told you before, if you want mobile gaming buy an ultraportable, equally small, yet much more powerful and better for gaming. It makes absolutely no sense to buy a tablet for gaming, you're in a strong minority, it's an absolutely illogical decision that most simply don't do...

IDC predicts growth for 2016. They say nothing of 2020. Once Android and IOS get their act together IDC would be the first to predict faulting sales of Windows tabs. Also it's IDC that predicts stronger sales for proper tablets in 2016 too, than windows tabs.

It's a fluke, get over it...

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 2016I said that Apple is lying . Also ipads historically were not ov... moreI don't think that these oems are gonna switch to android cus windows is better at productivity and you alse get the ability to run exe. Even a big Android company samsung knows that and that's why they launched the Galaxy Tab pro in windows and not in Android. The truth is that pple who buy these 2in1 want a tab that can replace their laptops, they already know about the laptop, tablets and desktops, but still chose the 2in1 and as idc predicted, that segment will continue to grow, that's why the ipad pro 9.7 is being touted as a pc replacement. For me, the type c cover is perfect fir my use, it's the best of both worlds, touch screen to run mobile app and games like asphalt 8 and also a usb port with the option of a dock to run pc games and app and boy they perform well, i don't see anything wrong with playing my Fifa16 on the surface pro 4, i love it, thanks to uwp. But maybe for u, it's the 13.3 inch thats best, and others 17 inch. So there's the option to choose what suits u, don't force your ideas on others cus all the reviews about the surface has been great. And as for ur predictions of doom for the surface, i choose to believe idc rather than you, so let's wait and see. Also can I have you contact so i can call u come 2020 wen ms releases the new surface? Pls


it might be because of the price. we get second kind of treatment in india. in rest of the country the prices are low. in india, the price is more. dont know the reason.

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This year so far has been a record year for sales. The best quarter Apple has ever had.
Where does this guy get his facts?­16-financial-results-how-many-iphones-ipads-watc­h-macs-sold-revenue-results-3581769/

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We all know that are in a financial loss. Is of laughter, when you see what Apple or Samsung Toy phone ?

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AnonD-500788, 06 Apr 2016I don't know but I thought you already know about the type c cov... moreI said that Apple is lying . Also ipads historically were not overpriced, Iphones are. So I'm not an ifan , I'm fair and partial.
Also it's not just the price, it is the look, the premium design, the size of the screen. They are all better on 13.3 inch ultra portables. If you want to game on a small/light why don't you buy the relevant design for that? That HP laptop is just 2.4 pounds, lighter than surface pro, better specs too.

As for the keyboard. It's on a piece of cloth, no matter what they would do it will never compare to top of the line laptop keyboards that have travel and (lately) some of them being mechanical even...

Yeah, 3rd parties create surface look alikes, but they're all weak (core m or atom based) so I don't even consider them, they are absolutely pummeled by actual laptops. Actually those same manufacturers would soon switch back to android , on the tablet department simply because those new 2in1s are not very profitable. They pay too much to Wintel (even atom chips are more expensive than top of the line arms and windows licence is also expensive)

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 2016No that's not at all what I said and if I did it would be irrele... moreI don't know but I thought you already know about the type c cover, it comes with a finger print reader and a trackpad, i just don't get wat ur saying. I don't like the price either but this coming from an ifan is ridiculous, cus all apple products are overpriced, and even if the surface line is expensive, i think that's the reason why other oems exists and I'm sure there are other affordable 2in1 out there from lenovo, hp, acer, Samsung, all running full desktop on them with optional keyboard, so what's ur point. Pls clarify

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Apple should copy samsungs air gestures in a smarter way, i.e. on the right side of the phone on the surface that stands by the phone you make the usual gestures you do in the phone and the phone senses that. In many work enviroments that would be useful and many other occasions. This in connection with a multilingual siri as the folk wrote below would fix the problem for apple. In China this touchless use of the phone is popular i think so the road to follow is clear.

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AnonD-500788, 06 Apr 2016Now i know where you're coming from, u don't like ms, so no poin... moreNo that's not at all what I said and if I did it would be irrelevant. What's relevant is that Surface Pro is a keyboardless laptop and that it get absolutely murdered by actual laptops. How can you justify that to yourself? I mean HP just announced a laptop with half the cost and better features than SP4 ... how can you still justify SP4's cost?

I dislike bad ideas. Windows on a laptop is a good idea so I don't dislike it, on a tablet it's half arsed. I listed 10 tablet features that it hardly has. There is a reason that iPad Pro sold more last quarter...

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Anonymous, 05 Apr 20161. Powerful in what? Ipad pro is a lot more powerful in content ... moreNow i know where you're coming from, u don't like ms, so no point talking about it anymore, use whatever suits you but don't get @ngry because ms covered the 2in1 segment first, it's not your fault, for me and idc, Samsung, lenovo, acer, hp, windows central, cnet, tomshardware, etc, we all think the surface line rocks. As for me, i love the pro 4 cus it's a tablet that can replace my laptop and as i run fifa 16 pc version on a tab, now that's awesome. Peace. Enjoy ur ipad pro 9.7, thanks. Bye

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If apple make siri multilingual and "smarter" they may have a 2nd chance globally.