Meizu MX5E debuts in China with slightly watered down specs, lower price than the MX5

04 April, 2016
The price differential is pretty small, though, and the new phone is overall almost close to identical to the MX5.

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This new 'lite' version of the Meizu MX5E - would like to know if it has LTE band 7 (2600). Meizu blundered by putting only Bands 1 and 3 on the MX5, confusing many Chinese retailers who just assumed it would have band 7. Many of them erroneously listed it as having band 7, until the error was pointed out.

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    • uu@
    • 05 Apr 2016

    They need to make it with Snapdragon 650

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      • 6cy
      • 05 Apr 2016

      that name though.

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        • 05 Apr 2016

        Meizu company, operates in a very interesting manner. Was also normal, to come with a phone, from the same serie MX5 with such equipment, beacouse have to cover all the demands of consumers, both the rich and the poor. In fact, the vast majority of the profit comes to any company, of such phones.

          Not sure if the name was intentional or random.

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            • 04 Apr 2016


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              • 04 Apr 2016

              I'ld rather see a high end phone under