Huawei TalkBand 3 brings more styles, better audio

06 April, 2016
Just like its predecessor, the TalkBand B3 is passive and is a holder for the Bluetooth earpiece, which sits on top of it. The band itself bears little change from before, but the earpiece itself is where the major updates are.

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  • kong Poan

How to order it, if I am living in Cambodia and no visa or credit card

  • AnonD-396766

it is a bluetooth headset & a band were you can attach/detach the headset to/from the box in the band "i don't know what the little box in the band called".

  • OSagnostic

Not sure what this story means. The is the "earpiece" the watch/electronics part of talkband 3 ?

  • AnonD-396766

i was looking forward to Huawei TalkBand B2 to be available in our local market but it didn't :( i hope this one become available in the local market.

  • AnonD-507785

Interesting concept, looks good, that's all. Not enough details to form an opinion. But kudos to Huawei for using current tech in a creative way.