Sagem annoucements at CeBIT

09 March, 2006
Sagem revealed their newest additions to their phone catalogue. The my405X, my500X and my800X bar phones and the my900C 3G clamshell. The my405X phone is a slim phone, it has a 65K colors...

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  • Davood.S

The Sagem Phone is the Best Mobile phone.
Be Iranihaye mohtaram peygham midam ke hatman az sagem estefadeh konid chera ke be door az hayahooye bazar faghat gooshiye mobile ba keyfiyat tolid mikone dar hali ke nokia faghat say dareh jibe tarafdarasho ba serie N va digar modelhaye bi keyfiyatesh khali kone.

  • Anonymous

Sagems suck! They are for people who have no style!! I'm not being all picky with fashion here but their designs are awful. Nokias sell well because they (for the most part) have a nice design and are easy yet featurefull phones to use. Thumbs down for Sagem!

  • Samuel

Go with SAGEM all the way! Aint no stopping them now!

  • al.z

right. most people think that the only phones worth while are either nokia, samsung or sonyericsson. and that's just not true. i mean, for the most part, nokia and especially samsung release models that are so much alike that you strat to wonder why did they call it different and nokias are just overpriced gadgets that sell so well only because poeple aren't able to make up their own minds and make decisions based on hype and brand.
i for one am convinced that other brands not only live up but are better because of the fact that one does not pay for the brand as is in the case of nokia, samsung, motorola or sonyericsson.

  • Anonymous

you don't have any right to say that about sagem,have you had a sagem to comment on it,i have a 6-2 and is one of the best phones at it's pricetag

  • kytra

better stick with weaponry, SAGEM, leave the phones to those who know about that

  • vlad

read the entire article before making commrnts.

  • pyrro

Down down you go. Sagem

  • g-unit

128*160 display, how crap is that? ure not gona few any thing decent , QVGA should be standard now, and minimum for small screens 176*220

  • Lambros

The Most Ugliest Phones I Have Ever Seen...
Sagem Cells SUCKS!!!

  • Anonymous

so u guy's still make phones