Motorola Affinity in testing, could be the next Moto E

22 April, 2016
The phone has been imported in India with a 5" display and a $78 price.

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  • AnonD-564023

it is released in my country..lenovo moto affinity 4g lte dual sim bhd.103
5.5 inch display
quad core 1.5 Ghz octa core processor
16 gb internal
2 gb ram
16mp rear camera
5 mp front camera
3000 mah battery
android 5.1 lollipop

  • Praveen

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2016You cared bro because u posted a comment5'' - 5.3" display
300+ ppi,
720p resolution,
battery 2900 - 3080mah,
Fingerprint as Lenovo announced(on the back)
4G obvious
phone designs are always good from Motorola ill leave it to them
Front camera please make it 5MP
rear camera lets not be greedy 10MP min
GPU adreno 400 and above
CPU snapdragon 615 and above
android version N
front Speaker: yes
Price point 5500 - 6500 Rupee

  • Ashwani

this is very good phone I want to buy this
thnks moto and lenovo
I have on e request if you mprove front camera 2mp to 5mp then I am very thankfull
you can also raise price a bit :)

  • Someone

It must be an Android 6.1.

  • Anonymous

Sebstin, 22 Apr 2016Moto should stick to 4.5" for MOTO E brands and 5" for Moto... moreWhy are you even here if you don't know about specs?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-530496, 26 Apr 2016If I Had To Design Moto E,The This Would Be My Specs Displ... moreThats a Moto G...

  • Xvgavit

I expect in this device 5inch 720p hd more bright and vibrant display corning gorilla glass 4 8mp rear and 2mp front camera with hd and led flash recording snapdragon 410 chipset 1.5ghz processor with 2gb ram battery 2500 mAh

  • AnonD-530496

If I Had To Design Moto E,The This Would Be My Specs
Display:5"Fhd Processor:SnapDragon 616 RAM:2GB Storage:16GB + Expandable and extras like a 12MP or more for camera and 5MP Front,A Fingerprint Scanner,Dual Front Audio(Which Was removed i E 2nd gen)Waterproof And DustProof.Price This Under 8K and u Got a winner

  • navid

put this on moto you will win
4.5-4.7 screen 720p
1 GB ram 16 inbulit memory
water proof as G3
dual 4G sim
SD card
moto maker
snapdragon 430
quick charge
8mp back front 2mp

  • Moto User

First of all improve your services in India.Don't just keep on selling with your worst services.Phones are always in the repair centers for 3-4 months in many cases and still not repaired.

  • Dolle

They should stick to 4.5" and make a smaller phone than Moto E with even better battery and better internals. Use more of the Razr i Kevlar design and it would be a winner. 5" is so nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

  • Anonymous

Vasi, 23 Apr 2016Htc actually Well you complain about motorola have same design for 3 years but your HTC also have same design for years. Except the 10, One X, and old HTC phone.

  • Vasi

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2016Said by someone who either use samsung, iPhone, or sony. Ex... moreHtc actually

  • AnonD-385623

5" nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2016No matter how much I click Ctrl+F and copy paste your quota... more*press Ctrl+F
*...before making the affinity for the listed device(s) to presumably be a 3rd gen Moto E (Because Moto E line is their lowest offering among Motorola's Moto line).
*spec spec (specification speculation)

  • Anonymous

Muthu, 22 Apr 2016Thanks for the info. Even in the GSMA article that you poin... moreNo matter how much I click Ctrl+F and copy paste your quotation, there's no such claims in the article I sourced out. But, as the only given clear statement, whoever was or were that 'we' entity the article was referring to only goes as far as assuming that 'there won't be a new Moto E this year.' Hence, this recent article identifies this Motorola codenamed 'Affinity', having recently surfaced in a listing, as presumably the next-gen Moto E (which the author presumes to be a larger size at it for fingerprint scanner accommodation). But all that without certainty if any one reader looks past through the article's back-end tones or hints which could leave non-critical readers with wonder, mystery, or confusion. If there is one thing to take note in this article, however, is that the author may have initially linked the listed non-retail price on the Zauba import documents as being an indication of a low-budget device before making the affinity for the listed device(s) to presumably be a 3rd gen Moto E. But if there is one more thing that could corroborate if the listed Motorola Affinity is indeed the next Moto E or no connection at all (as in it could be an entirely new line) is an official announcement, unveiling, or statement from Lenovo themselves. Who knows? Maybe they've changed an initial working definition of Moto E being a compact less-than-5-inch-screen-size phone. If the very hint between the 1st and 2nd gen Moto E's increase in display size from 4.3" to 4.5" does not get to any reader, I do not know what will. At this point, they're all spec spec (specification specification)

TLDR; From the article I sourced out, Vlad's reference to the "we" entity only assumes 'there won't be a new Moto E this year,' but there are no claims nor statements coming from Lenovo themselves or Chen Xudong himself that they have gone all amnesia about their Moto E as if Moto E never happened

  • Sebstin

Moto should stick to 4.5" for MOTO E brands and 5" for Moto G brands.. If all phones are at 5",. why different names?..

  • Anonymous

A fingerprint scanner is such a gimmick. Why would manufacturers build it into a super-budget phone?
I'm also not in favor of increasing screen size, it's what makes these phones stand out.

  • AnonD-252937

Motorola should use the curve moto logo as finger print scanner

  • AnonD-62471

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2016Well, that is, at least, one clue/keynote I got from readin... moreMoto g4 has same 5inch 720p display with upgraded procesaor and fingerprint sensor. And same 13mp 5mp camera 2gb ram 16gb inbuilt memory