Samsung records better-than-expected Q1 growth thanks to Galaxy S7/S7 edge

28 April, 2016
The company's mobile division recorded its strongest performance in nearly a couple of years.

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  • Linas

Why you all hater cannot just accept that S7 is the best phone money can buy? Not surprisingly it sells better than ugly G5, overpriced and morally outdated Z5, HTC 10 and 5 years outdated apple designs... Any sane person would currently only consider S7 as the new phone... Obviously there will be new years and new phones, but right now this is the only option reasonable people have. That said Samsung doesn't need to fake anything.. and won't have time - because they are busy picking-up the crop of their hard earned R&D success.

  • Ykke

Are records, but only negative to samsung.

  • Cave Amermeter

Reading the latest surveys done by Sammy, earlier this year, see how many lies can say.

  • AnonD-520389

mark twain once said : There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics...
looks like samshit did the last...

  • Lionel

Here's one of lies, profit S7 (in case there because I do not think so) can not be quantified yet. So are the laws of economics. Sellers still have not done commodity verification. So how can you profit says something that can not be quantified? Shame.

  • Sam

Personally, i not believe in these figures submitted. Seen too much despair among those from Sammy. That says a lot. From the pen can write on paper. But when the time comes truth, see the pen wrote only lies..hehehehe

  • King

hahahahahah..what joke...hahahahaha

  • French

Profit to Sammy ? When you read such lies, typical Sammy, always grab me laugh.

  • Mandy

Samsung records better to losses, soon.

  • Dmitri

read the last state of samsung, starting with the february 2106, and you will see that they contradict. Why? As its stock exchange don't grow. why? how many lies i can tell.

  • Oleg

What jokes make the folks at Samsung:)

  • Boris

Only suckers can believe something. Those who know a little bit of Economics, can make the difference between profit operating and net profit. What lie at sammy.. sees the lower values in their actions ... hehehehe

  • AnonD-100398

I pretty sure almost 75% of these were S7 edge sold with only 2 negative point according to me is only 24gb of internal user available space & a downgraded 12mp camera rest of the things are top notch like 3600 mah (which is the huge contributor for these sales) battery, edge screen premium body etc.
Btw hopefully note6 comes with 64, 128gb modals and a better camera than this 12mp and with a advanced usb type c connector.lets see

  • AnonD-77443

Mkdc, 28 Apr 2016Why did you ignore the xperia Z all these years then?Xperia Z = 48 hour battery life... enough said.

  • AnonD-77443

Its no surprise is it? Samsung lost a lot of sales by dropping the SD card on the S6 and GN5.

Bringing out the new devices with SD and IP will only boost sales.

  • Jarret

Thanks to an owesome technology created by Samsung

  • Anonymous

AnonD-396766, 28 Apr 2016Thank you for the explanation. you may be right regarding t... moregood for u

  • AnonD-396766

AnonD-5197, 28 Apr 2016Alright, so I made the mistake in reading your comment whil... moreThank you for the explanation. you may be right regarding the price in your country, But here in KSA it's quite a different story, iPhone retains its high price for a long time even the old iphones but Android phones doesn't hold much aftermarket value.

Not quite, 28 Apr 2016The only reason I went with an S7 over 2016's other flagshi... moreWhy did you ignore the xperia Z all these years then?

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-396766, 28 Apr 2016Sir, could you explain your point? I didn't understand the ... moreAlright, so I made the mistake in reading your comment while I'm stopped at a red light and respond to it hastily.

In any case, you're telling me, you bought an already a year old "niche" model (Duo) which are usually more expensive than base model, and the same level of phones (Regular S5) carriers subsidize heavily because it's year old already (meaning they are $100 or less under contract), and you tried to sell to a niche market (people looking for niche phones)?

One, you have no point because you are using an anecdote. Two, you have no point because you are doing "everything wrong" when it comes to selling a second hand phone.

The S6 which were originally selling for $900 (CAD) was selling for about $700 on Craigslist just last month. Now, around $550-600.
iPhone 6S Originally selling for $1050 upon release now selling for $550-750.
Brand new seals iPhone 6 (1.5 year) selling around $400.

As far as Vancouver is concerned, iPhone doesn't hold much aftermarket value better than other Android flagships.