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01 May, 2016
Meet the HTC One S9, Meizu m3, Huawei Honor 5C and the ZTE Blade L5 Plus.

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  • Linas
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  • 03 May 2016

it is quite clear that HTC is dying.. uninspiring flagships, mess in mid range, no clear strategy nor line-up. Samsung has clear distinction with fully developed phone lines e.g. S+note for high-end, A for mid-range, J for low-spec. All line ups have clear distinctive looks, have screen size options for all users and all now comes in metal casings and are well priced for their market segment.. When it comes to HTC.. they release 2 mediocre flagships a year which looks the same 3 years in a row, then mid-rangers priced like flagships... low end range is unclear.. no clear definition between the line and no consistency at all. for last 2 year HTC lineup is one big mess.

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    • Md.Eamin
    • XQF
    • 03 May 2016

    actually i have a question, i wanna take a new phone in this month and i am thinking about the micromax canvas 6 ,is it would be better ?

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      • Anonymous
      • 9Du
      • 02 May 2016

      J3 new phone

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        • AnonD-98399
        • TKb
        • 01 May 2016

        i already more than 3 years never care about HTC. small screen , high price , low spec for the price.

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          • RC255
          • ncN
          • 01 May 2016

          [deleted post]1st - language.
          2nd - the midrange is a lot better to watch than the flagships, more variation, more competition.

          I would love to check out the M3 or 5C but neither will be in the UK, unfortunately.
          The ZTE loses completely against the M3 for bang-for-your-buck.
          A lot of entry level phones are now above the Quadcore 1.3 and 1gb ram set up which won't help sales.
          We do need a larger phone selection in general over here, hopefully one day...