Samsung brings Galaxy J5 (2016) and Galaxy J7 (2016) to South Korea

29 April, 2016
Carrying a price tag of around $255 and $320, respectively, the handsets will be available for purchase from local carrier KT.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2016J710F is not listed by either amazon or samsung in UK, DE o... moreIn Europe, it's sm-j708 not j710

  • AnonD-260703

I wonder, did samsung has never brought every new phones to korea before?, because korea is their mainland, the country they are from. this should not be a headline.

  • AnonD-532561

I want to purchase this model after new specifications. But now I have to rethink about my plan, the news is true. In India people want 3GB Ram, if samsung downgraded the ram it will affect the sales. Already Chinese makers are shining in the market and Samsung loose their market. The news is true Samsung surely loosing the market.

  • AnonD-374843

yes according to samsung china is their main market...but europe nd india are more valuble market than china...i think samsung forget that india is still her main market india mostly all peoples prefer samsung so samsung launch 3 gb ram j7 (2016) version model in india by this they get more customer support....

  • habib

i want to buy 3gb ram of model not this downgraded model,..they want to stick with same model in internationally no downgraded is first step of failure this model....i am waiting to see which model samsung will release in dubai market .........

As predicted, they priced it 20k at launch, which will probably settle around to 18k eventually

  • Anonymous

J710F is not listed by either amazon or samsung in UK, DE or FR. It's listed by Samsung ES but as out of stock. Sure, Samsung FR has a safety pamplet listed. Bottom line - it looks like it is NOT available in the Europe just yet. Still waiting.

  • Marduch

I guess Europe or Korea are rich countries according to Samsung, so people must pull € 700 - 800 out of pocket when they wants something better than f***ng pentile HD on 5,5´ or 2GB.

  • AnonD-514461

So,according to Samsung only China is valuable market,no Europe not even Korea,let's see what they do to Indian customers..

  • AnonD-525867

Samsung when launching in India (if) please put Full HD and 3 GB ram.If not, I'll look for another option. 5.5 720p 2 GB ram in 2016 and priced at 22,000???

  • .alpha

The three models look like they are in their 30s' but face-lifted to look 18. Creepy.

  • Marduch

HD on 5,5 and 2GB is the biggest dissapointment of the year. And no dear Samsung, this way You will not make me buy € 700,- S7.

  • Anonymous

Very bad sftware support

  • the greek geek

The samsung galaxy j5(2016)has already been purchased here in Greece for 270€