AdDuplex: Lumia 535 pips Lumia 520 to become most popular WP device

30 April, 2016
The latter was at the top for almost three years.

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  • raghu
  • ijd
  • 20 Jul 2016

then why no LTE upgrade for Lumia 535 ?

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    • Anonymous
    • Tr3
    • 18 May 2016

    i dont know how this lumia 535 is the most popular in lumia lineup it has touch screen problem not the softwear bug its a manufacturing fault i use nokia lumia 620 sevral years ago its a very good touch screen lumia is best for use till the name nokia attached with the selfphone but microsoft lumia 535 very bad experiance even cant type the massage no fix for its touch screen even the device is 2 or 3 years old i update my lumia 535 windows 10 the UI of windows 10 is awesome but we cant enjoy the beautiful os UI because of this stupid device lumia 535 touch screen problem this is un fixable manufacturing fault sorry for bad english but dont buy 535 this is a very bad device not just very bad veeeeeeeeeeeerrryyyyyy bad

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      • nick
      • HFc
      • 05 May 2016

      Nokia Lumia 720 very awesome phone.

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        • AnonD-418518
        • au8
        • 02 May 2016

        i love using my Lumia device. it's fast, high quality, takes great pictures, all the apps i need is available, and it's classy as hell.
        the only reason that the sale rates are low is the lack of advertisement. i believe everyone who uses a lumia, will buy one

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          • AnonD-477406
          • s1f
          • 01 May 2016

          Trasher, 30 Apr 2016And you will like it unless you expect updates. My Lumia 520 has had Windows 10 Mobile for months and will continue to be updated until July 2016. That's over three years of updates.

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            • Anonymous
            • t7X
            • 01 May 2016

            Its popular bcoz it was discounted cheap.from its launch price down to almost down 4k here in ph.

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              • ezazel
              • a4}
              • 01 May 2016

              If some one say bad about the product or company means it's having a big growth in the market keep it up Microsoft .....A unique phone with unique features .....

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                • AnonD-402894
                • t}m
                • 01 May 2016

                people still buy this piece of crap

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                  • AnonD-393912
                  • 6cb
                  • 01 May 2016

                  If you could get 640 on discount phase, its a very good deal.

                  I wish i could say the same with 650.

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                    • nokiauser
                    • PFA
                    • 01 May 2016

                    Nokia and Microsoft waste fellow brand Nokia not make mobile Microsoft make but good app store . Samsung is very nice brnad always make good mobile

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                      • AnonD-521186
                      • LFj
                      • 01 May 2016

                      I wish I had this phone, I've been looking for it in my country and it's no longer available.

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                        • lee
                        • 9xM
                        • 30 Apr 2016

                        ya this best

                          There was a time when 535 was the best phone one could get for less than 100euros.
                          I had it for a while as my back, i was fairly pleased by everything, bar its hardware issues that haunts them all, a display fault that sometimes register swipes as tapping and activating random staff. Soon or later this fault will get to you...

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                            • darknight
                            • XQu
                            • 30 Apr 2016

                            I owe lumia 535 it is a very good phone to use with a beautiful design.but i upgraded to windows 10 which is full of bugs like your apps crash very often and now my camera isn't working for the last seven days.

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                              • AnonD-510098
                              • m5I
                              • 30 Apr 2016

                              Trasher, 30 Apr 2016And you will like it unless you expect updates. Marshmallow for my Ascend G7 is planned. I think ill get it in a few months tbh

                                Anonymous, 30 Apr 2016So in the WP world: the 2014 model dethrones the 2013model ... moreThe Lumia 535 is just barely a 2014 phone, though. Announced November 2014 and released in December, with wider availability only in 2015.

                                  AnonD-510098, 30 Apr 2016I had the Lumia 520 before I bought a Huawei. It's a very s... moreAnd you will like it unless you expect updates.

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                                    • SDKforLumia
                                    • X}$
                                    • 30 Apr 2016

                                    To be honest, that's really sad, because Lumia 535 was Microsoft's worst low end phone ever. The fact that it replaced Lumia 520 is really sad

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                                      • AnonD-369835
                                      • rve
                                      • 30 Apr 2016

                                      What does it say about Microsoft when the best seller is the company whose cellular segment they acquired and they only manage to make they're take over (in a manner of speaking) felt three years later?

                                      It doesn't look good to me, I will be honest the last Windows device I used was the 900 (which I won in a competition in 2011 or 2012) up until 6 months ago it was working perfectly fine with a cracked outer screen panel (then it got stolen)

                                      I just think people would have trusted the brand more if it had retained the Nokia branding, I know the name was not bought by MS just the handset part of the business but looking at this report I wonder if they don't think the same thing as me "maybe we should have leased the name with the division as well?"

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • v{N
                                        • 30 Apr 2016

                                        bcoz lumia 520 users got frustrated after the windows 10 update fail..they just drop it for android phones