Android 6.0.1 starts hitting Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

03 May, 2016
The update also brings along the Android security patch for the month of April.

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  • A9j
  • 20 Dec 2016

Interestingly, it's already December 2016 and the Galaxy Tab S2 - SM-T715C - does not have Marshmallow yet! What happened Samsung?!

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    • CFO
    • Hsf
    • 06 Jul 2016

    I had a bad experience with OSBORNE upgrade. Does anyone know if it is ideal to perform the android 6 upgrade for a Samsung Tablet s2 8 inch?

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      • s25
      • 29 Jun 2016

      Just got my Marshmallow update on my Galaxy Tab S2 model number T710 here in the USA. My software version is the same one mentioned on this article. My tablet fortunately can still run apps from SD card, except Nokia Here map.

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        • Qhd
        • 21 Jun 2016

        Just woke up today and got an OTA update on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (T710) in Canada. Updated to Andriod 6.0.1

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          • AnonD-547710
          • 4DR
          • 11 Jun 2016

          Dose anybody know when the marshmallow update coming out for the sumsung tab s2 sm-t710 or if it is already rolled out in the usa or a date that it is going to be rolled out for the sumsung tab s2 sm-t710 wifi only

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            • Exynos бet
            • 6mD
            • 10 Jun 2016

            Just got my marshmallow update on my Tab S2 8 inch LTE. And so far all i can say is that it's beautiful, amazing and super!

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              • Tophitobeymc
              • 7Pw
              • 08 Jun 2016

              Cant receive any marshmallow update notification? Help!!!!!!!!
              My PDA is T715XXU2APB2

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                • Julia
                • amb
                • 13 May 2016

                The update ran last night now I cannot get access from my fingerprint and no option for security password - HELP PLEASE

                  12th May still no Marshmallow update for T-710 (non-LTE) in Romania. Stuck on 5.1.1 Lollipop. Even though tablet has great design and more than decent hardware, I'm turned off by Sammy's TouchWiz. Gonna stick to Nexus devices from now on. (BTW my Nexus 5 got the Marshmallow update in October '15 - yes, more than half a year ago. Samsung is a joke)

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                    • AnonD-315030
                    • rjp
                    • 05 May 2016

                    AnonD-533596, 04 May 2016Why my samsung tab s2 8.0 model T715Y have not recieve any ... moreSome Samsung doesn't received update and they normal come with slow processor.sad but through

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                      • AnonD-533859
                      • g39
                      • 04 May 2016

                      I wonder why the Sammy Guys:
                      1. Delay in updating
                      2. Omit the dark background themes in options
                      3. Reluctant in killing background apps
                      4. Lazy in battery control, and ...
                      Hey, you guys, take care of your die-hard fans ...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Lim
                        • 04 May 2016

                        I'm wondering what the policy is behind gradual release of updates by Samsung?!! What about sm-t715?! The year 2016 is reaching to its half and we are still awaiting for Marshmallow update for our devices!!!

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                          • AnonD-533596
                          • j2C
                          • 04 May 2016

                          Why my samsung tab s2 8.0 model T715Y have not recieve any update yet?? #Malaysia.

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                            • T700
                            • pXn
                            • 03 May 2016

                            What about the tab s 8.4 the 2014 tablet ??? Since i bought this tablet i received only 1 update which brought a lot of bugs.