Honor 5X lands in Canada as Huawei GR5

10 May, 2016
Local carrier Rogers has the device in stock, and is selling it for CAD 0 on a regular 2-year contract or CAD 375 outright.

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  • AnonD-591638

comparing to buy Oppo P1 and Huawei Honor 5X, in australia it is sold as Huawei GR5.
Main feature i need is dual sim. do they both come with dual sim and a separate SD slot or you need to remove a SIM to slot the SD. I want to be able insert 2 SIM cards and an SD card. what do you guys recommend. I am looking at this price range

  • Anonymous

It is a really good phone.


it is a gr5 even here in southern africa............. for once i sought clearance because i was misled too that the two are actually different when in actual fact are one and the same thing..... its a great baby to have guys. have not experienced technical errors ever since i got it.

  • S.R.....

here in my country...jordan we got it under the name gr5.
it costs 250 $ unlocked.
it is a good device without that wooow spec`s........

  • Joe

I don't really I understand... Some other people said that GR5 and Honor 5x are no the same product because their pricing is too far different some others said that Honor 5x in the Philippines is the GR5

  • Anonymous

It's no longer on newegg.ca. Did rogers/huawei force it off the site.

  • AnonD-539797

like this phone but not yet available is sa markets

  • Anonymous

Huawei GR5 (not named as Honor 5X) is also available in the Philippines (shown in the globe telecom Huawei ad).

  • AnonD-510959

I saw the price - 375 CAD, which is much more expensive than the Chinese version Honor 5X

  • Anonymous

AnonD-495214, 10 May 2016About time! I got my honor 5x from Newegg.ca, for $268 (shipping... moreYep exactly what I did. Going with Rogers, your costs will only increase. The price of the phone + tax + new account charge or transfer charge + other b* charges. and ultimately you are going to end up paying about $500+ for it. Oh and it will have Rogers bloatware on it as well. When it comes to Rogers, its anything but a budget phone.

Then if you want to unlock it, another $20-30 to get unlock code. Its just not worth the hassle.

  • AnonD-495214

About time! I got my honor 5x from Newegg.ca, for $268 (shipping included). Do us all a favor and buy it from Newegg. Do not buy from evil Rogers.

Plus, the newegg version comes unlocked.

  • AnonD-383472

Australia has a Huawei GR5 too at JB HI-fi... Might be the Honor5X too

  • AnonD-1385

The price for this smartphone based on the feature set is shocking. An inexpensive smartphone with basically all the bells and whistles.

  • Anonymous

Get it cheaper & MOST IMPORTANT: UNLOCKED online. Multiple places selling it for $250 CAD.