HTC Desire 628 photos and specifications leak

10 May, 2016
The phone looks like a scaled down version of the recently announced Desire 830

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  • Anonymous

poor CPU

  • htc

every one knows mediatek is cheaper and not realible as compare to qualcom .....these devices has poor battery performance and devices heats too much .

  • Rannganath

HTC, stop MediaTek processor this is too much and focus to best quality camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2016HTC will be go down if mediatech continuesIt won't. Mediatek has grown a lot. They have evolved. My LG phone had this same SoC MT6753 and i can say its a solid performer, faster than Snapdragon 615

  • Anonymous

HTC will be go down if mediatech continues

  • Anonymous

Should use SD 400 series or 600 series for midrage or low end not crappy least Helio x20

  • Anonymous

Only good for around a $100

  • Jango

Yes don't go for mediatek and increase battery

  • AnonD-535805

>> HTC , Please no more Media Tek..... Concentrate on the Battery life.

  • Omid46

Dearest gsmArena and HTC's followers and friends.Unbiasedly factwrting speaking,when HTC one came to markets,all supported it because of the high qualities of the then time!What's going on that HTC is constantly losing!!?One:According to the scientific research,no updates,no upgrades,and no after sales services!!Otherwise nobody in the world has instinctive enmity or is against good quality smart devices in the 9 grade categories,3 in Lowe ends,3 in midrange,and 3 in high ends(High,higher,and the highest)!!Hopefully HTC changes its politics and considers all people smart and educated nowadays!!Why!?As I checked myself,sellers don't say:"Don't buy or we don't sell this type or that type of HTC!!"Instead they usually say"We don't support and guarantee HTC's after sales support,care,updates and upgrades!!!"Usually the biggest markets are India and China that HTC is loosing much!!!Fairly speaking,many are working for the HTC worldwide and I dislike hearing and seeing hopeful people jobless!!However with the humane right psychological sociological policy HTC can rise and win again that I love these points more!!Another great recommendation and suggestion:"Making nexus is mostly the best alternative by Google to save any brands having problems with Google,s constant updating and upgrading!!Otherwise making low quality smart devices while all brands in beautiful contests of qualities are trying to make good,better and the best is not very much helpful!!!Hopefully HTC's public relations consider this friendly comment a friendly tenderly suggesting!?Also thanks all mentioned names including factwrting gsmArena for publishing and releasing the comment,Google the mass media Emperor with $200B income last year and finally good to be best again HTC....Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.

  • AnonD-510098

Dem bezels doe!

  • AnonD-81483

HTC don't make a mistake of going for mediatek . i am having terrible experience with helio X10. drains battery even in idle mode.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 May 2016Make the price like asus and htc will rise again.1000% agree!

  • Anonymous

Make the price like asus and htc will rise again.

I do like the design, especially the color options as it matches the design well. I don't like the fact that it uses a MediaTek processor however. If this had SnapDragon 652 (at least), this could be my next phone

  • Neb

HTC stroke a deal on mediatek chips that's for sure.

  • Alien

MediaTek is for people who can't afford Snapdragon. I would never use a phone like this..

  • Anonymous

The BoomSound speakers surrounding is a huge pros

not sure for what reason but I don't prefer HTC smartphones with MediaTek actually any phone with MediaTek processors even they are getting better.