Xiaomi unveils iHealth box, 10,000mAh battery, shows new Mi Band

10 May, 2016
Unfortunately, the Mi Band demo was just a tease, not a reveal.

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  • Ian

Gon-j, 10 May 2016Pardon my foolishness but as soon as I've read the title my... moreYou think like I think lol

  • meh

Was getting exited that 10k battery will be inside phone (removable module)... but no - external bullsh** like 500 other similirar products in market.

  • Gon-j

Pardon my foolishness but as soon as I've read the title my brain processed like:

iHealth is a health monitor which charges your body up to 10,000mAh and can be worn as a new Mi Band. Oh my.

  • Ace Loo

The iHealth is a blood pressure monitor that is able to communicate via WeChat as well. It announces the blood pressure as well and can store up to 2000 measurements.

  • Beau

The Mi box has a blood pressure meter band laying behind it ✌

An affordable 10 amp USB C rechargeable battery pack - Smashing Xiaomi.

  • Reon

The Battery Pack have been around for Eben before the launch of Mi5. I live in China, I know.