iPhone 4.0.1 software update out, improves signal strength formula

16 July, 2010
What comes after iOS 4.0? Nope, it's not the iOS 4.1 but the iPhone 4.0.1 software update which has just been released by Apple. It comes along with some bug fixes as well as the highly discussed improved...

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  • nC6
  • 28 Nov 2012

osama, 28 Sep 2010how can i dwonloaded need update iphone 4

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    • osama
    • iFX
    • 28 Sep 2010

    how can i dwonloaded

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      • Gregarious2
      • jQY
      • 05 Aug 2010

      Does the 4.0.1 update work any better on the 3G than the 4.0? I really regret update my iPhone since it took a huge hit in performance. Unless 4.0.1 addresses these, Iʻm rolling the clock back to the 3.0 realm.

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        • michealangelo
        • 3A}
        • 25 Jul 2010

        Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010did it work? so what's next? a software update that can cha... moreYou guys envy this new technology iphone offers. Do you have one? Or just trying to intimidate users . Buy then,see it for yourself guys and peace to you all.

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          • Anonymous
          • v0q
          • 23 Jul 2010

          did it work? so what's next? a software update that can change the color of your iphone from black to white and vice versa? lol. if that is the case then it wont be long before we can actually change our face and clothes using a computer. haha!

            • j
            • john
            • ib1
            • 23 Jul 2010

            week signal,worst than before...

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              • cristi
              • 0Fp
              • 20 Jul 2010

              Since I have installed the new update 4.0.1, apparentely, the reception is worst than before. I got 'Searching' for signal in areas where, before, I use to have at least one bar of signal. I don't understand what kind of improvement is this one!

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                • Anonymous
                • xXm
                • 20 Jul 2010

                Oh please nokia suck nexus one and i phone rule

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                  • !!!!
                  • 9x0
                  • 20 Jul 2010

                  how about another software for not properly locking ihpone screen when in idle????

                  very very cleverly done by apple...

                  tsk tsk tsk!!!!

                  common iphone lovers..defend your iphone more...make yourself believe that your iphone is worth it...


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                    • Anonymous
                    • Ae2
                    • 20 Jul 2010

                    iphone4fan, 19 Jul 2010Sorry to hear, Mines is working perfect Keep checking th... moreWOWW!!! wifi?! and 3G?!?
                    oh my god apple are so innovative

                    maybe they can invent bluetooth next!!

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                      • Darnie mig
                      • N7D
                      • 19 Jul 2010

                      whyappleWHY, 18 Jul 2010Apple your stupid software upgrade has ruined my wifi i had... more Steve J wrong move on attacking other companies. u guys should try Nokia N8. big things

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                        • iphone4fan
                        • u{a
                        • 19 Jul 2010

                        this is to iphone4 c, 19 Jul 2010my phone was barely ok , after updated to 4.01 , my signal ... moreSorry to hear, Mines is working perfect

                        Keep checking the iphone4 page guys, keep the daily interest up. down to 76% now.

                        Its a great phone as Apple showed , has wi-fi and 3g, down-loadable apps.

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                          • this is to iphone4 c
                          • 3J1
                          • 19 Jul 2010

                          my phone was barely ok , after updated to 4.01 , my signal has reduce, having somany drop call issues , tried to put it back to factory seatting original os4 , cant do it any more , i might go back to o2 store to return the phone as a fault

                            • m
                            • matt
                            • vjX
                            • 18 Jul 2010

                            Even my existing Iphone 3gs drop call on some area of my house. really disppointed.I use to have samsung before,no issue on call quality & reception. These iphone really put me off!! other than the
                            apps,i dun see the phone perform any better than the rest.Apple i think u better of do yr mac desktop & notebook,u are not cut in the phone segment.

                              • K
                              • Kristina
                              • whB
                              • 18 Jul 2010

                              i like the features of the iphone 4 but i dont like the shape.. i like to buy if the shape is like the 3gs. same back same front

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                                • cristian malta
                                • TX1
                                • 18 Jul 2010

                                wow so i'm not the only one in malta who visits this site. Anyway i'm a nokia user all the way, but i can say that even nokia sometimes has similar issues. I have nokia xpressmusic 5530, and when i grip the left side of the phone it loses some wifi reception. When I'm close to router it doesn't matter much, but when I'm far, I lose the connection. Annoying but I can live with it

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                                  • SantaKlaus
                                  • iGu
                                  • 18 Jul 2010

                                  BrianAW, 16 Jul 2010EXCLUSIVE BIG NEWS!!! NOKIA juz decided to upgrade on th... moreThanks for this funny scam. Next: Nokia will upgrade my phone memory through OTA. Thanks Nokia!

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                                    • whyappleWHY
                                    • yVg
                                    • 18 Jul 2010

                                    Apple your stupid software upgrade has ruined my wifi i had been holding off for the iphone 4 but heaRD ABOUT ALL THESE ISSUES WITH IT!!! in the end i decided it might be safer to just get the 3gs iv had it for ruffly 2 months and i was extremly happy with it but after recently upgrading to 4.0 i was shocked to discover how little you guys actually know about what your customers want. its so f&*%ing flawed i now have no wifi my recption is shot the keyboard is no where near as responsive very dissapointed

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • fsW
                                      • 18 Jul 2010

                                      BrianAW, 17 Jul 2010HaHaHa!!! So you think thats fun to baited handphone fan... morewhen ur dear NOKIA HTC SONYERICSON will stop to spend all the time to just look and feel like an IPHONE then can dance ur dance but for the time been i think all u iphone haters can sit and be cool let the iphone this is amazing the feel of it i dont care if i get a call or not is an amazing camera video recorder mp3 and games and more who cares if no one will call me anyway just having the IPHONE 4 FEEL great well all i can say is iphone is one step....no is 12 years ahed of any mobile

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • nyB
                                        • 17 Jul 2010

                                        hello everybody i have iphone 3 gs its batter with ios 4

                                        the ios 4.0.1 make the iphone 3 gs worse i want out side my house i only 1 bar with ios 4 full

                                        advice dont up date