Huawei's Honor Band A1 is a fitness tracker with a UV sensor

10 May, 2016
The Honor V8 isn't the only new product that Huawei has announced today at its event in China. The smartphone is joined by the Honor Band A1, a fitness tracker with a twist.

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  • Kami khan

Is it available now?

Anonymous, 11 May 201630$ in US but 260 euro in Europe? What the heck?It's more likely a mistyping error. It's probably 26 euros. It's not such a big difference, it's just that ... you could buy 10 for the price of 1. Please be more careful, GSMArena. ;)

  • Anonymous

30$ in US but 260 euro in Europe? What the heck?

  • player_one

"on May 25 for CNY 99 ($15, €13) with the silicone band, and CNY 199 ($30, €260) if you want the leather strap" - €260???

Don't forget that Microsoft Band 2 has a UV sensor as well;)

A perfect rival for the popular and affordable Mi Band

AnonD-78158, 11 May 2016Does it show time or not?No. It only have an LED light and vibrates for notifications. Still very good for a fitness tracker for the price

  • AnonD-78158

Does it show time or not?

  • Anonymous

there is an extra zero in the price for the leather strap band

  • AnonD-530807

It looks pretty! and it's cheap!