YU's next smartphone is called Yunicorn, will be unveiled on May 19

11 May, 2016
The invite for the event during which the Yunicorn will be made official has been outed today.

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  • 08 Jun 2016

AnonD-511668, 08 Jun 20161. See, the company has claimed an AnTuTu Score ~ 47,000 an... moreKeep bragging about your stupid logics. NGAF. Keep it up!

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    • 08 Jun 2016

    AnonD-50024, 07 Jun 2016YOU YOURSELF said 47000 and now showing 43000. Good. X10 sc... more1. See, the company has claimed an AnTuTu Score ~ 47,000 and people are getting an AnTuTu Score ~ 44,000 which is great because Benchmarks in phones are like mileages in cars, the claimed score is subject to the no.of apps installed, no. of apps running in Background etc. and I myself saw that, my Canvas Gold scored AnTuTu ~ 28,000 when there was no Bloatware, no Background Apps, Wi-Fi at 48Mbps and the next condition, some Bloatware (4-5 Apps), some Extra load on processor (7-8 Apps Multi-Tasking) and slow internet at 6 Mbps it gave me a score ~ 23,000 on the same day! Sums up Benchmarking a lot! So in that video, that guy came to roast the Yunicorn, so he kept all Apps on Multi-asking and still it scored a decent score ~ 44,000. So this shows it can score 47,000 easily with Faster Connection, Lesser Load on Processor and Uninstalling Bloatware.
    2. I really feel you must get some consultation for understanding!You misunderstood almost everything I said till today! That's the reason probably why this war came till here! I said that the Yutopia doesn't need a whole new SW set and only bug fixing, BTW, SW can do a lot, if a simple Software like ProCam can make a shitty 8MP camera take 4K videos at 25 fps, then a greatly optimized Software can do any shit!

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      • 07 Jun 2016

      AnonD-511668, 07 Jun 20161. Now, I am not out of my mind. You are. You must learn h... moreYOU YOURSELF said 47000 and now showing 43000. Good. X10 scores almost 45000+ everytime.

      No phone can be perfect. Software optimization wont add USB C to your YUseless thing. Upgrade wont make your IMX230 to IMX 240 or better. Calm down and enjoy what you have rsther claming YUseless phones uselessly.

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        • 07 Jun 2016

        AnonD-50024, 01 Jun 2016Are out of your mind? P10 better than X10? You don't tru... more1. Now, I am not out of my mind. You are. You must learn how to understand from someone! REALLY! I nowhere said that Helio P10 is better than the Helio X10! Check it yourself, all I said is that this device with Helio P10 has scored more in Benchmarks than some devices using Helio X10. you wanted facts,now I have a link too. Link 1: http://www.yuplaygod.com/product/yunicorn_tech
        Link2: http://www.vidoevo.com/video/cFJ4M0NpcWuRpNExWXzQ/yu-yunicorn-hands-on-initial-impressionsoverpriced-antutu-benchmark-cpu-z-camera-samples
        Both Links show 43,000+
        2.I didn't say Yutopia should get a complete SW makeover with a New UI, New set of apps, New OS, Upgraded Optimization or some shit like that. I mean, there are a few bugs, which if fixed, will make it perfect.

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          • 01 Jun 2016

          AnonD-511668, 01 Jun 20161. I just said that the Yu Yureka Note was more worthy of t... moreAre out of your mind? P10 better than X10?

          You don't trust benchmarks, fine. But you don't even trust Manufacturer? When Mediatek claims X10 is superios to P10, how in the world can you declare P10 better than X10? And with 47000 AnTuTu? Show me one proof/phone with 47000 AnTuTu score of P10. And Show me means Show Me. Don't just comment here claiming incomplete facts.

          "but if Software will be improved, it will surely be better, even in Overall than the 6S+"

          But...if...will...be...improved? This thing can make any phone better. Keep your nonsense with you!

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            • 01 Jun 2016

            AnonD-50024, 01 Jun 2016Even YUor YUreka Note was a disapointer! MTK6753 was never ... more1. I just said that the Yu Yureka Note was more worthy of this "Redefine Flagship" than this one (Yunicorn), I didn't say it is the best ever, but it is a very decent phone, I have it and it is quite smooth, but I didn't game in it, I use the Yutopia for gaming.
            2. Canvas 6 Pro had a Helio X10, but outperformed other Helio X10's due to the advantage of 4 GB of RAM, the same way, even the Helio P10 of the Yunicorn will do well due to the advantage of 4GB RAM.
            3. That's what I am saying, Yureka being a better phone had Lower Benchmark than the Samsung J7. I had the old Benchmark scores of the LG G2 and LG G3. Sorry for that.
            4. Yutopia IS better than 6S+! And firstly, I spoke ONLY of Gaming, the Yutopia can game for hours together without any Lag/Hang and doesn't even Heat Up and has Unmatchable Accuracy for Tilts, Shakes and Jerks whereas the iPhone 6S+ will stress out after a while and doesn't have Good Accuracy. Overall, Yutopia isn't good because of the Software Glitches, but if Software will be improved, it will surely be better, even in Overall than the 6S+!
            5. I said that the P10 did a good job, by seeing it in the Launch Event. DualWindow or whatever support is found in rare few Smartphones. This has quite a decent processing speed and to speak in your Benchmark Terms, this has a Score ~ 47,000 which is more than a few Helio X10 (which you said is much better than the P10) devices.

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              • 01 Jun 2016

              AnonD-50024, 31 May 2016Stop it now bro. You still have no facts. "Little did Bang... more1. I HAVE facts bro, I don't always have to go on to Google for anything you say, that's the reason probably I don't oppose you strongly. I never Google, I only use facts in my head. Having facts means having them in your head and not searching for them on Google for everything. the news App I have sums up all the news in 100 words or less, so I don't always go deep venturing into the link that they provide.
              2. I declare them Paid, if they are too early, or else, what shit? How can they judge a phone before it's release. And... I believe, the Micromax Canvas 6 was available for Pre-Booking on 25th May and deliveries much after that! And yes, can't you fucking understand? The 4th and 6th comments you showed are from ONE Paid Reviewer! Same Review, exact same wording! That's why Micromax has many bad reviews! 8th review was a clear expectation of a person. The 1st one declared it shit JUST because of Battery life, what MAN! YOU get some facts and logic!
              3. I shifted to Micromax as I actually needed a phone for emergency use for 6-7 days on a Hiking Trip with my friends when my iPhone 5S was for repair, so I decided not to spend much and asked the Shopkeeper to give me any phone under 7,000 INR, he handed me a Micromax Canvas Spark, which was excellent and it also fell off my hands and pocket many times but still it was all fine and I still have it working fine. Since then, I became a huge fan of MMX and soon, I also started using Yu devices.

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                • 01 Jun 2016

                AnonD-511668, 31 May 20161. This phone is a True-Disappointer! I expected this to be... moreEven YUor YUreka Note was a disapointer! MTK6753 was never a flagship grade. Now I know your choice. I person who praises cheapest MTK processors to be the best cannot praise iPhones ever. MTK6753 cannot even run Ski Safari 2 flawlessly. Asphalt 8 is out of question.

                Canvas 6 pro atleast had a Helio X10.

                I don't know about MicroMax Gold or Vibe X2. Why your Yureka was better, cuz it had 2 GB RAM and Mali450.
                G3 performs better better that G2 because G3 has a S801 with faster Adreno 330. The benchmark scores you offered for LG phones are old, 'the time when S801 was very new'
                Try AnTuTu6. G3- 47000, G2- 40000!

                Yutopia better than 6s+?
                I am clearly not talking about Candy Crush!

                And phone is still not available for public. How do you know-

                "This also does offer seamless Multi-Tasking and doesn't hang. Processing is done exceptionally by the P10 here."

                By the way, by Multitasking, I doesn't mean Switching between apps. I mean some MultiWindow or DualApps type thing. Because that thing will only use 2-4 GB RAM on such devices where heavy games are a no go.

                Still, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
                Yutopia better than iPhone 6s+ at gaming.


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                  • 31 May 2016

                  AnonD-511668, 31 May 20161. I don't ask people "Did you buy it?", but if it is too ... moreStop it now bro. You still have no facts.
                  "Little did Bangalore's Ashish Parmar know that a photo of his" is the first line of "http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/bangalore-mans-frame-of-wife-now-apple-ad-across-globe/" where in the end, Ashish Parmar was eventually happy, but I do not know why I am fighting over he and his wife with you who never want to admit anything.

                  You can declare anyone a PAID Reviewer. Even me. ANytime because you still have no logic. Commenting before launch was never an issue. I CLEARLY mentioned dates on the comments I pointed out. How can you say a comment posted on 27 MAY 2016 that it was posted before the launch? You are literally clueless.

                  An Apple user will never ever shift to Micromax. You call everyone Paid Reviewer? I call you fake reviewer.

                  You still have no mention of Samsung Incident.

                  Moreover, you had no answer to my next comment.

                  I am tired of this thing. Better ping me next time only when you have your facts cleared.


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                    • 31 May 2016

                    AnonD-50024, 31 May 2016"The phone that will redefine flagships" is out. YU YUnicor... more1. This phone is a True-Disappointer! I expected this to be better, at least than the Yu Yureka Note, but no, this isn't! The Yureka Note, which was launched without any Launch Notice was more worthy this "Redefine Flagships" advertising than the Yunicorn. But still, this is a great deal at just 12,999.
                    2. Adding RAM doesn't add Inexistent Potential (making Pentium 2 play Crisis 3) to a processor, but it can increase potential dramatically, the Micromax Canvas 6 Pro did a lot better than most Helio X10 phones due to the advantage of 4 GB of RAM
                    3. Front-Facing Fin-Prin Sensor and no buttons is a waste of space? Stupidity Level at Max?What about the Mi5 which you were praising a lot. Don't change opinions from Time-to-Time.
                    4. I lost my belief in Benchmarking from the MOMENT these 3 incidents took place:
                    (i) My Micromax Canvas Gold (Benchmark ~ 23,000) gave me a better gaming performance than the Lenovo Vibe X2 (Benchmark 45,000+) while playing GTA Vice City.
                    (ii) The Yu Yureka (Benchmark ~ 31,000) proved better on gaming than the Samsung Galaxy J7 (Benchmark ~ 38,000)
                    (iii) LG G3 (Benchmark ~ 34,000) performing better than LG G2 (Benchmark ~ 35,000)
                    So no point is speaking in Terms of Benchmark with me, I'd buy a phone with Benchmark 1 over a phone with Benchmark 1,00,000 as now I have no faith in it. And also, the Yutopia at Benchmark ~ 65,000 provides better gaming than iPhone 6S+ at benchmark ~ 1,00,000.
                    5. This also does offer seamless Multi-Tasking and doesn't hang. Processing is done exceptionally by the P10 here.

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                      • 31 May 2016

                      AnonD-50024, 30 May 2016Do you ask everyone "Do you buy it?" if they leave a negati... more1. I don't ask people "Did you buy it?", but if it is too early (Before Launch), I declare them Paid Reviewers on their face and if they seem to be fake reviewers, I ask them details in deep which they are SURE to not know the details if they are Fake/Paid Reviewers.
                      2. No, I didn't mean that SD 810 v1.0 has cooled after 4-5 months of usage, what I meant was that a regular SD 810 v1.0 (In other smartphones) would work Top-Notch for a max of 4-5 Months (as the Over-Heating would degrade the Chipset and Circuits of the phone), but here in the case of Yutopia, I am expecting a longer (upto 1.5 or 2 Years) Top-Notch Performing Life of the SD 810.
                      3. I don't deny that Apple claims to be Quality obsessed, but I feel that is just nominal now. Only 2 out of 6 Faulty Devices were used by me, after that, I rejected usage of Apple for myself, the rest 4 Faulty pieces were used by my Parents and my sister.
                      4. I don't remember Asish Parmar's case too well (His Name, Caste, Profession etc.), but I remember seeing the title of the news "Bangalore man Shocked with his wife's photo being used as Apple Commercial Worldwide" and it was written "Little did Bangalore's Ashish Parmar know that a photo of his ................. Apple Commercial Worldwide............. he was shocked with this step by Apple...."
                      5. The Samsung's guilt case was very old, I don't even remember when I saw it, but all my friends were discussing of that and it was a highly viral news. All the news I tell you is from a News App, I don't even know the sources of news and anything, all I know is, the news I read is original as it always comes on the newspaper the very next day.
                      6. Remember what you said, "If you are losing hope, its upto you whether you clear your facts or not, but blaming the manufacturers is not a solution and never a nice social gesture." the same way, blaming Micromax now for the fault of Micromax 2.0 is not nice, they are sure to improve on this step.

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                        • 31 May 2016

                        AnonD-511668, 30 May 20161. I can say that they are people who have just expected be... more"The phone that will redefine flagships" is out. YU YUnicorn is here.

                        According to YU, Mediatek P10 is a flagship grade processor. Claps please!
                        According to YU, a 2016 flagship uses Android 5.1.

                        Giving 4GB RAM to this phone is YUseless. The GPU MALIT860MP2 can't even run Asphalt 8 properly. Why 4GB RAM?
                        It is as simple as understanding that adding extra RAM won't help Pentium 3 pc run Crysis 3!
                        Please don't claim, "YU has done it right" this time. P10 is a third class processor.

                        Even Redmi Note 3 standard simple model uses Helio X10.

                        And design? They have literally come a long way. From Samsung to Xiaomi! They perfectly copied Redmi Note 3. And why didn't YU tell them that YUor phone may fall using front FinPrin sensor :P May be my hands are super steady that my Galaxy Note 3 with 5.7 inches of SuperAMOLED never fell down. TouchWood!

                        And front FinPrin sensor with off screen buttons? Stupidity level max! A lot a useful space wasted!
                        What a R n D. Amazing!

                        And all this for 13000? Redmi Note 3 Pro (SD Version) is a much better deal! What would I do with extra 1GB RAM when my GPU is shit and my phone doesn't support multitasking? Helio X10 scores around 45000 in AnTuTu. P10 will fall at 40000.

                        What a waste of money. Now please don't complain Micromax has service centres all over India, this gives them right to sell shit and they are doing it right. xD

                        The next comment is waiting for YU too.

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                          • 30 May 2016

                          AnonD-511668, 30 May 20161. I can say that they are people who have just expected be... moreDo you ask everyone "Do you buy it?" if they leave a negative experience comment on the phone you like?

                          So according to you, your SD810 has now cooled after 4-5 months of usage. Hilarious!

                          Apple phones ARE quality obsessed. Even I am surprised your 75% phones are faulty, or may be you are faulty to those 75% phones.

                          Bro, you don't even know the news. It was never a Bangalore's SW-Engr's wife. That guy was from Bangalore but was not a software engineer. He is a Wildlife Photographer Ashish Parmar. And It may be embarrasing for you, but here is his response-

                          "The experience has been heart-warming" - http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/bangalore-mans-frame-of-wife-now-apple-ad-across-globe/

                          "Initially I thought the picture will be used only for hoardings in India, but I was later told that it is being used globally. Also, to know that I was the only one from India whose photograph featured on the campaign, it felt amazing" - http://www.deccanchronicle.com/technology/mobiles-and-tabs/020316/bangalore-man-clicks-wife-s-picture-on-iphone-6-becomes-global-apple-ad.html

                          "We are over-the-moon to be featured and thrilled to put Bangalore on the map again for accomplishments globally" - http://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/bengaluru-mans-iphone-6s-photo-of-wife-is-now-a-global-apple-ad-1283611

                          "Ashish and Raina were literally "over-the-moon" and didn't hold back from sharing their excitement on social media." - http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/this-bengaluru-man-s-iphone-photo-of-his-wife-just-became-a-global-apple-ad-251542.html

                          Not enough? See this-


                          How come someone embarrassedly share his wife's Stolen picture on facebook?

                          Can you please show me the link where I can know about the tracking chip and Samsung's acceptance?

                          Even I too want Micromax to improve, but don't think they will. Lets see a couple of months.

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                            • 30 May 2016

                            AnonD-50024, 29 May 2016Finally our argument is coming to an end, but, how can you ... more1. I can say that they are people who have just expected because they have told me in reply to me asking them the reason for the complains.
                            2. SD 810 v1.0 (Used in the Yutopia) was a fail because of the Heating issues which soon caused phones to degrade their performance (Over-Heating degrades Performance). SD 810 v2.0 was a fail because it throttled and leaded to a laggy performance. SD 810 v1.0 didn't throttle and provided Top-Notch but temporary performance (maximum 4-5 months), now Yu has decreased heating to almost nil (41 C at max is quite low for a Metal-Frame) which there-by provides Top-Notch Performance and for an extended period.
                            3. Apple is not God-Founded, but when they are charging so much, they must care a bit about Consumer Privacy, Quality of phones and Refinement of Software. I am just surprised as I got a staggering 75% (6 out of 8) of phones with faulty Hardware!
                            4. I never said Micromax doesn't use our data or information, but using them without notification to us and for wrong purposes (like Apple and Samsung) is something I don't like. I remember a Bangalore SW-Engineer's wife's photo being used as a iPhone Ad without him contesting for the "Shot with iPhone Campaign", now that would be a real bad embarrassment to anyone!
                            5. I don't know about the guy opening the Battery and showing a Chip, but I remember seeing a News Article where a Samsung High-Official claimed that the company was guilty for tracking the user's Private Data
                            6. I know you aren't paid, that can be seen by the way of speaking. I have debated many people on GSMArena, and now am experienced enough to judge them by the way of speaking. Paid reviewers start of with One-Liners with probably the WORST of English. Micromax is trying to improve and seeing the launch of Micromax 3.0, we can easily see that we will see a HUGE leap in quality, type and everything of Micromax Devices and working as Micromax, with the launch of Micromax 2.0 changed track into top-range Android smartphones and now will do some awesome thing too.
                            WAIT! Wasn't this debate to be on Yu!? Oops! ;)

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                              • 29 May 2016

                              AnonD-511668, 28 May 20161. Some comments you mentioned are relatively new, but are ... moreFinally our argument is coming to an end, but, how can you say "comments are of only people who had those expectations"?

                              The difference is not negligible as, MI5 Screen-to-Body ratio is 4% better with off screen buttons.

                              SD810 was a fail and using a fail makes you fail. A faulty engine makes a faulty car. Doesn't matter how well you optimise it.

                              My concern is not QuickCharge. QuickCharge is nothing but something that gives me fast charging.
                              I do not need QC if my phone is equally fast. Here are some stats from another famous website PA for QC devices-
                              HTC M9 ( SD 810 / 2840mAH /QC 2.0 ) charges in 106 minutes.
                              Xiaomi MI4 ( SD 801 / 3080mAh /QC 2.0 ) charges in 126 minutes.
                              LG G4 ( SD 808 / 3000mAh / QC 2.0 ) charges in 127 minutes.
                              HTC 10 ( SD 820 / 3000mAh / QC3.0 ) charges in 100 minutes.
                              Xiaomi MI5 ( SD 820 / 3000mAh / QC3.0 ) charges in 139 minutes.
                              LG G5 ( SD 820 / 2800mAh / QC3.0 ) charges in 76 minutes.

                              Xiaomi has a poor implementation of QC 3.0 while LG and HTC improved.
                              My point is this-
                              Samsung Galaxy S5 ( Exynos 5422 / 2800 mAh ) charges in 122 minutes.
                              Samsung Galaxy S6 ( Exynos 7420 / 2550 mAh ) charges in 78 minutes.

                              Samsung doesn't use the name but provides equally good charging technology.

                              Apple is a human founded company. Its is not a god founded nature-system. What they give you is a technologically made electronic product. Not some fruit or vegetable from worlds finest farm.

                              Problems may arise in any technical thing.

                              Hpwever, you can never clain over Micromax that it doesn't use your info. Anything powered by Android uses your info. Xiaomi is partially better in this case. As they too use your info, but provide you a way to stay private in their security app if you know how you use it.

                              Second, I have literally no issues if someone steals my pic as I am not a celebrity. I use a PC to manage my banking transactions. I prefer 2-step authentoication for everything.
                              May be you too have seen the video where a guy tears the battery and reveals a tracking chip. Its actually the NFC chip and is mentioned on the battery. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Otherwise someday, some other stupid will open up charger, and will say Charger has a chip which copies data using USB. They are trolled-by-god guys.
                              Don't believe them.

                              Apple has its own way of customizing. Its all about your perspective, what you want. You want customization, you go Android. You want simplicity, you go iOS. Its that simple. I have a Galaxy Note 3, S5, MI4, M2 Note and going for an iPhone 6s this fall when they release iPhone 7. I love the beautiful animations with most powerful internals. SD820 has been equally good, but iPhone reached the benchmark first.
                              Yups, its costly for me too, but I won't call it overpriced.

                              My first comment for Micromax, which started this cold war, mentioned clearly that if the improve, they will grow. I am not a hater. I am a quality praiser. Apple/Samsung/Xiaomi/HTC dont give me free phones or don't give me money for advertising on the web. I am a 24 years old person with a 10+ years of experience with smartphones.

                              Relax and enjoy the ride!

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                                • 28 May 2016

                                AnonD-50024, 28 May 2016Well, the comments I mentioned are relatively new if you se... more1. Some comments you mentioned are relatively new, but are of only people who had those expectations
                                2. That day I called 0.05 inches as huge with respect to the increase in dimensions of Yutopia, but as a whole, they are negligible.
                                3. The SD 810 is a fail, but the Yutopia used it right, that's what was my point
                                4. I agree I mustn't judge USB-C just for 1 faulty cable, but due to the hype of the OnePlus 2, many of my friends purchased it and all gave me bad opinions of the USB-C that made me get that perspective of the USB-C in my head.
                                5. SD 810 can get QC v3.0 as proprietory feature, but no other phone has ever incorporated that feature with the SD 810. It was no stupid defense, if no huge manufacturer including Samsung, HTC and Xiaomi have done it, then how can a 1 year old Start-Up do it?
                                6. My point is not that Alienware shouldn't crash, Lamborghini shouldn't breakdown or something, but when I say to people that Apple overcharges, they say: "Apple is a High Quality Brand and uses the extra on R&D" "Apple invests the extra money on software" etc. so on that basis, Apple should have rare cases, but again can have cases of dysfunctioning whereas I got 8 Apple devices on whole in my house and 6 were faulty, this ratio bothered me badly! And also, the Apple devices don't have Easy Keyboard Shortcuts like Windows , Accessibility and Flexibility like Android.
                                7. People never call Apple as overpriced as Apple has brought people in it's trap with ads and other things, and no matter how bad an experience a person had with an Apple, he still praises it (experience with my friend)
                                8. Apple has so many add-ons because it simply knows that it's phones are shit and are prone to get destructed. Apple-Pay and Siri are good and I really appreciate those and as I said, I am from a very well off family and am not crying for this being costly, but why waste money on a fraud American firm which was always found Cheating and doing Frauds (iCloud, Benchmark Cheating in 2008 and some other year, Siri revealing Passwords to users on Locked Home Screen between iOS 4 to iOS 6, sharing our Fin-Prin's with NSA and a whole bunch more). If Apple was nice enough, I too wouldn't cry, Micromax maybe has low quality, only quantity, no Backup for users, no deep R&D etc. but Micromax was never found doing any Fraud or anything like Apple, at least our private data is safe with us! Even Samsung is guilty of many things like it's J,Z,A and Note Series having tracking chips which upload our pics to Samsung Official! OMG! I'm done with these two!
                                9. I know I must think and know of things on which I lost hope too, but it does take time to know things too, right? And yes, that applies to you too, know that Micromax is also changing and is moving ahead with a new turn (Micromax 3.0) and is much more improved overall! Now all we are left is someone to go to the Service Centre and tell the time taken to return the phone (to see if it has also improved) as many have already reported good quality of the new Micromax devices. Yu is also a step ahead now, Yu is clearing faults of Micromax, now Yu has sent updates to all phones except Yutopia, made a Standard design language for it's phones, started doing R&D and also have Doorstep service in many areas. These have improved too. You to get it! And yes, thanks for clearing my doubts about the USB-C and few other things about the iPhone 5 (ProCam Thing)

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                                  • 28 May 2016

                                  AnonD-511668, 27 May 20161. If you use your so called "Logic", these comments are fr... moreWell, the comments I mentioned are relatively new if you see the date I mentioned.

                                  I know no difference will KILL me. and, you please stick on one word. Either call it slight, or call it Huge. DOn't call it 'HUGE' one day and 'Slight' the other day.
                                  By the way, if 'ratios' were similar, the screen to body ratio would've been similar too.

                                  May be your device reaches 41C, its good. But the world knows SD810 was a fail.

                                  I have never seen a device broken cuz of Front Facing Fin-Prin sensor.

                                  And its hard to believe that an iPhone user praises Micromax. Probably you are a Micromax fan, and using Apple's name to climb up!

                                  I too had bitter experience with Standard MicroUSB, but it doesn't mean I should start claiming that normal USBs are stupid. May be my specific wire was stupid. I have probably 20 cables at my home. All of them are fine.

                                  Similarly one should not claim USB C is a fail just for one faulty cable from a specific brand.

                                  If SD100 doesn't support 4G, its not the issue of processor. Nowadays, modemd are incorporated in Processor, but when it was not, manufacturers used separate modems. SD100 CAN be paired with a 4G modem. Likewise, QuickCharge 2.0 is a proprietory feature of SD810. And if now we have a new technology called QuickCharge 3.0, let us calmly admit that SD810 is no longer the top dog and QC 2.0 is now an inferior tech to the new one.
                                  Stupid defense, cuz you simply do not even want to admit it.

                                  I never said you dad is not a VP. At the same time, I never asked who he is.
                                  Again, with due respect, whatever his profile be. Whats the point of mentioning it?
                                  Nobody here will be called wise for mentioning such stupid things.

                                  "How is dysfunctioning taking place in a Extra-Over-Priced iPhone!?"

                                  So, according to you, Alienware laptops never crashes, Lamborghinis never breakdown. According to you, Mercedes should not have service centres.

                                  I have a bunch of friends who use iOS devices.
                                  I do not know a single person who uses iPhone, and calls it Over-Priced.

                                  Dysfunctioning can happen anywhere. There are a lot of reasons.

                                  By the way, at the time of iPhone 4, Apple had a free replacement policy in case of internal faults.

                                  The price people pay is for such policies. The price people pay is for the worlds biggest app-ecosystem. The price people pay is for exceptional quality. iPhone's camera is the fastest. 240fps first in a mobile phone. Galaxy S7 was second! Maximum number of addons. Most major automobile manufacturers support ApplePlay (if you know what it is and how much useful it is). Siri is still the most advanced virtual assistance.

                                  People paying for iPhone know whats the difference between quality and quantity.
                                  If it was actually overpriced, the sales would have been way lower than they are.

                                  Ever heard Ambani crying for price-hikes? Like Anil Ambani or Ratan Tata striking on road for onion or petrol prices?

                                  Anything is expensive only for those who cannot afford it.

                                  If you are losing hope somewhere, dont blame the world.
                                  People lost hopes on Samsung that it will never slim down Touchwiz. The new Touchwiz is trimmed to a minimal level. People were tired of plastic designs. Samsung is here with refined plastic design, metal shells and glass masterpieces. Where are the critics who used to say "Every Samsung is boring with plastic design and similar button layout" when Xperia has used exactly same degign in every phone in Xperia Z lineup (save for ZR and ZL). LG followed same G2 design in more than 50 products. HTC One M7, M8, M9, M9+, M8s, M8eye, Desire Eye, 816, 820 etc, Where is the difference?
                                  Even I lost hopes on HTC but they are back to glory with the most logical thing, 'off screen buttons' like One X, Desire HD etc.

                                  If you are losing hope, its upto you whether you clear your facts or not, but blaming the manufacturers is not a solution and never a nice social gesture.

                                  PS: We have come a long way. Lets be friends xD

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-511668
                                    • vGf
                                    • 27 May 2016

                                    AnonD-50024, 27 May 2016Oh god. Not again! 1st review on canvas 6 pro (by 27 May... more1. If you use your so called "Logic", these comments are from people who just put their opinions by seeing the specs and also, their comments are before the Micromax Canvas 6 was available fro Pre-Booking! These comments on Canvas 6 Pro are from people who were probably burning of this phone! Usage reviews are much better than these expectations! And non-users are the only ones who complained and yeah, no phone is "Perfect", some adjustments must be made!
                                    2. Ok! Maths Fail, just check dimensions of phones, they are increased in almost same ratio and a slight difference is not going to kill you!
                                    3. Yes, SD 810 does throttle or heat up, but the Yutopia has SD 810 v1.0 and STILL has no heating, check user reviews, many claimed it to reach only 41 C at max! And on top, being a Metal body, 41 C at max for a SD 810 v1.0 is GREAT! And I believe that Yutopia has a decent 30+ fps when I did benchmarking on my Yutopia
                                    4. Front facing Fin-Prin Sensor is most practical!? If you lose balance of phone while using that sensor....Done! I dropped my iPhone twice while trying to use the Fin-Prin Sensor, now I switched to PIN, thank god I had the OtterBox case, else I'd have to spend a lot!But again, Back-Facing is also not the best BTW, the best position ought to be in sides (though non-existent) so that we can unlock without hovering our finger all around the phone.
                                    5. I used a USB-C connector maybe from OnePlus or some other 2-Side USB-C type connector that gave me a bitter experience even while connected to a USB-C PC, so I just lost all hopes on USB-C and left my craze for the USB-C connector, thanks for clearing my misconception.
                                    6. How can you expect something if the processor isn't supporting it! Can you get 4G on SD 100's or something!? Stupid Defense!
                                    7. Why can't you believe that my dad was a VP? My dad has no connection with me! I am not my dad! And yes, how is dysfunctioning taking place in a Extra-Over-Priced iPhone!? Which is claiming to take all this money for Software development!? And actually, the screen got spoiled!
                                    8. Ok! SO 4K is taken in 4:3 in the iPhone. Sorry for not knowing it, but it is because I don't even search about something in which I lost hope, like Apple after iPhone 4 (after that iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 were almost similar to the iPhone 4 except very few things), Xiaomi with the release of Mi5 (I had lot of expectations on Mi5 actually seeing it's rumors and also had a good feeling that Xiaomi is a rare Chinese brand that really works unlike others which just do rebranding job, mainly Lenovo) and also the USB-C after the OnePlus 2. That makes up for the same reason why I don't give a damn to the names of Xiaomi phones now.

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                                      • AnonD-50024
                                      • Y}}
                                      • 27 May 2016

                                      AnonD-511668, 24 May 20161.No one has roasted Micromax in it's recent mobiles, this ... moreOh god. Not again!

                                      1st review on canvas 6 pro (by 27 May, 8.37 am) from says-
                                      "battery ends up very quickly the worst phone from micromax dont be a victim of this most useless phone "
                                      4th review from 'Nazeeruddin' says-
                                      "worst phone I have seen problem:- heating problem , camera problem, mic and speaker problem please don't buy it...."
                                      6th review 'Abhishek' says again-
                                      "worst phone I have seen problem:- heating problem , camera problem, mic and speaker problem please don't buy it...."
                                      8th review by 'Afzal' says-
                                      "Best specification". Seriously? Helio X10 best?
                                      9th review by 'Sunny' says-
                                      "Canvas 6 better than J7". Might be. J7 is already a shitbrix.
                                      10th review from 'GS' says-
                                      "Camera is rubbish, don't buy."

                                      Majority pointing towards issues. Still claiming for reviews?

                                      MI5 has 64GB and 128GB for only those who can afford. Its never competing YUseless phones. Itc competing Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC and other biggies.

                                      Dear real Maths fail, A Hypotenuse is always bigger than Perpendicular and Base individually. Thats why we say P^2 + B^2=H^2 where H>P and H>B. Got it?
                                      here is an example that fits our arguement-
                                      (0.762)^2 + (1.016)^2 = (1.27)^2
                                      0.580644 + 1.032256 = 1.6129
                                      these screens are in 16:9 format, thats why dimensions come out to be 0.762mm and 1.016mm exact!
                                      So your YUr YUtopia's screen is 1.016mm taller and 0.762mm wider. HUGE, isn't it?
                                      Maths Fail! Logic Fail!

                                      I didn't say YUtopia doesn't have PDAF, you wrote in the 5th point of your stupid comment on 21st of May, "Mi5 misses 2K screen, 4GB RAM, High-Res Camera's and Camera features like PDAF etc."
                                      As of now, MI5 misses only 2K screen and it only adds to it virtues like better battery performance, less heat and more framerate in demanding games. I prefer 60fps 1080p screen rather 10fps heated 2K stupidity. Everyone knows 810 either heats up or throttles. I hope you know Snapdragon released 810 2.0 where 2.0 means throttling!

                                      I never said MI5 is 1mm slimmer. By "MI 5 is 1 mm less", I meant MI5 is 1mm shorter than YUtopia. It was a general calculation, otherwise MI5 is actually 2MM shorter, 3.5mm less wide and still offers a screen which is only 1.016mm shorter and 0.762 mm less wider than YUtopia with Offscreen buttons and a front facing fingerprint sensor. Got it? Front facing fingerprint is most practical place to put a fingerprint sensor as I can see where to press rather finding the adequate spot.

                                      USB C has nothing to do with PCs. Only one end is USB C as of now. Other end is legacy USB connector only. Oh god. Grow Up!
                                      You can use it in your 1997 PC.
                                      And ONLY AND ONLY OnePlus ruined the image of USB Type C as it provided faulty cables!

                                      "Better not expect QC v3.0 in Yutopia as SD 810 doesn't support QC v3.0". Why?
                                      Then Why expect everything under 25,000 when nobody is offering it, not even Micromix?
                                      Stupid defense!

                                      With due respect, nobody gives a damn who or what your dad's position was. Infact, after so much pointless opinions, I just cannot believe your dad was a VP! Dysfunctioning is a simple technical failure. You really think if I go to a Micromax customer care centre, I won't find even one YUtopia? And if your phone broke, its a problem for you. TouchWood, I never had any such experiene because I know how to "Handle with Care"

                                      And dear intelligent guy, who said a 4K needs 12MP always? Its always about ratios. A 4K when recorded in 16:9 (3840 x 2160) needs a source of atleast the resolution itself, therefore companies take 12 MP as base resolution (4000*3000) but when you record a 4K in 4:3 (3264 by 2448) you only need a base of a sensor as low as 8MP (3264 by 2448) only.
                                      4K in 4:3 has a slight resolution drop, but is still near actual $K quality and standards.
                                      ProCam 3 gives an output of arround 24FPS 4K on iPhone 5s and 30FPS 4K on iPhone 6.

                                      And there is a difference between typos and sarcasm! Not for you imo, thats why I mentioned Micromax everywhere this time!!
                                      By the way, RedMi Note 3 Pro (SD650 / Midrange / Rs 12000 only) gives an AnTuTu score of 75k, while Snapdragon 810 flagships hover around 60k-65k in AnTuTU 6. This is optimization!

                                      Stop complaining if you can't understand. Have some Horlicks!

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                                        • AnonD-511668
                                        • vGf
                                        • 24 May 2016

                                        [deleted post]1.No one has roasted Micromax in it's recent mobiles, this shows that Micromax has genuinely changed, check reviews on Canvas 6 & 6 Pro
                                        2. Ok, Xiaomi has many phones on Marshmallow, so what? Yu has also started rolling out Marshmallow updates for Yureka, Yunique, Yuphoria and Yureka Plus, faster than Xiami. Yu is launching in about 1 year of starting of brand and Xiomi started it long after 1 year!
                                        3. Mi5 does have 128 GB and 4 GB RAM versions, but they are only on Pro or whatsoever version which is costlier.
                                        4. 1.27mm is diagonal means a lot (at leas 2-3 mm) on length and breadth (if you know Pythagora's Theorem) and that's what is the difference in dimensions (check dimensions). Mi5 is 1mm slimmer than Yutopia!? You drunk!? Mi5 is 0.1 mm thicker than Yutopia at 7.3 mm as compared to 7.2 mm of Yutopia. You are a real fail! No Maths!
                                        5. "Mi5 has PDAF" as if Yutopia doesn't! Maybe Mi5 has a 4-Axis OIS, OK. Appreciated, but yes, USB-C does have connectivity problems, not all PC's have USB-C connector, but yes, it is very fast, I don't reject that point.
                                        6.Better not expect QC v3.0 in Yutopia as SD 810 doesn't support QC v3.0.
                                        7. Excuse me, but my dad was the Vice-President of a company when the iPhone 4 released and he got 3 as a gift/ complement from the company and 2 of them broke in less than 1 week where 1 of them went dysfunctional in too with 1 fall! If YOU have facts, please consider that 12MP is considered minimum to get 4K! Ask anyone.
                                        8. I might have many typos of Xiaomi phones as I don't give a damn to that Mi 4 Note or whatsoever, the same way you keep saying Macromix, macromax or names! First look at your faults and then pounce onto others!