Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) is now FCC certified

16 May, 2016
The listing just reveals model number SM-J210F and a 1,500mAh battery.

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  • jAy.nAsKaR...

Good features....i buy j2 2016 bt launch date i dnt know...

  • Jignesh Patel

Nice Future for This Phone
I Like J2 2016 Nicely

  • Hiren Goswami

nyc feacure this phone

  • Anonymous

5.0" screen J3 (2016) has 2,600mAh battery. 4.7" screen J2 (2016) will probably have at least 2,200mAh battery.
Rumours of a 1,500mAh battery are way off the mark.

  • AnonD-289575

Herodroid, 16 May 2016anyone has idea how Spreadtrum soc performs? can anyone tell me ... moreUnderclocked sd400..

  • anonymous

Samsung keeps on dissapointing when it comes to mid range smartphones 1500mah bat wtf the company is satisfied with the name n profits it has garnered over the years they should embrace the xaomi brand n take lessons from them

  • TechKnow

1,500 mAh battery with a 720p Amoled screen ? samsung strikes again ... so sad to these types of let down sets by sammy, I mean like seriously mate it's got 2 gigs of ram and 8/5 mp camera why the put such a low capacity battery :/

  • AnonD-537930

Battery is on the smaller side .Even though it will be coupled with a 720p display and an efficient soc, it wouldn't be enough

  • Mandy

certified for disaster.

  • Ives

what is this? .:))

  • Grig

What joke..hehehe

This remind me of the galaxy alpha but with a tone down specs.

  • Anonymous

Good budget phone.I like it

  • Anonymous

Can't blame them for the low end specs, but 1500 mah battery. At least give it 2000 or 1800 mah. 1500 mah is so yesterday. Over all if you ask me, It's really just an "Ok" phone since it is budget.

  • PhoneForJogging

Just put in a midrange exynos and sell it around 150. The A3 2016 with snapdragon 410 and price almost 300 was very overprice.

  • Anonymous

1500 mah r u kiddin Samsung plz make it at least 2500 mah and chipset plzzzzz its ages old chipset...use ur xynos chipset and it should run on marshmallow.... M using J2 but eagerly waiting for j2 2016..Plz do not disappoint us.....

  • AnonD-387282

good deal if they sell it for 100 us dollars. but if they sell it for 200 us dollars and it reaches 300 dollars here in our country. it's truly a shame.

  • Anonymous

Herodroid, 16 May 2016anyone has idea how Spreadtrum soc performs? can anyone tell me ... more400 and 410

anyone has idea how Spreadtrum soc performs? can anyone tell me with which snapdragon soc it could be compared?

  • AnonD-418881

Except Processor & Battery, Now it looks like a good deal from Shamesung !!