Marshmallow beta update for Sony devices brings back STAMINA Mode

17 May, 2016
Sony’s Marshmallow Beta has recently been updated and will bring back one of Sony customers’ favorite power saving features: STAMINA mode. Which automatically shuts down app processes when they are not in use. This feature was first removed from Sony's first Android Marshmallow builds. Most likely because they were working on getting the feature working correctly.

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  • Anonymous

Going by the screen grabs, Sony hasn't put Stamina in at all. It looks like they've just taken the standard Marshmallow power-saver features and skinned the menus. Disappointing.

  • AnonD-434185

Excellent News
I Like Sony

  • AnonD-537106

Stamina Mode is better than Google's Doze...

  • Anonymous

Look like I should wait. Because I've not received the first marshmallow update yet.

Good news^o^

Doze doesn't do anything new that all of Sony's own power save options couldn't do before. I noticed zero improvement in battery life on my Z3 Compact after upgrading from Lolipop. I just hope they also fixed the "auto-enable at certain percent" function for stamina mode. The auto-start function on my device broke on the update prior to Marshmallow.

  • AnonD-166293

AnonD-404798, 17 May 2016not sure ? doze is junk compared to stamina . of course it'... moreI agree. Doze is not doing anything to conserve the battery life on my Z5. Bringing back Stamina mode will make a huge difference.

  • AnonD-404798

Julliard, 17 May 2016Not sure if this is a good thing.not sure ? doze is junk compared to stamina . of course it's good thing ! an excellent thing !

Not sure if this is a good thing.