Samsung Galaxy S7 active now leaks in a new color version

17 May, 2016
This is probably as close as we'll ever get to seeing a "gold" member of the highly rugged active series.

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the comments here really cracked me up
like really, wtf is this

  • AnonD-463876

Sony Xperia FOREVER, 18 May 2016its pointless and lame to release this phone! the both s7 a... moreYeah but is the S7/Edge also salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and thermal shock resistant like the Active will be?

  • AnonD-463876

MAS, 18 May 2016S7 is already water and dust resistant. So I can just use a... moreIt'll probably be housing a much larger battery.

They don't know how to design the buttonssss.

Why are there three buttons? Two short ones and one long one?

  • AnonD-523662

Ugly as hell

  • Anonymous

It looks ugly as for me, but someone could definitely like the "color".

  • Anonymous

Love it. i think i am going to by it good job Samsung

  • Guest

LOL it' even worst than a toy phone..

  • Alien

I know we're talking about the Active S7, but bleah!
Those designs must be half blind and color blind.
If I were a phone company, I would make an app where customers could choose the upcoming phone design by vote.
Make your own phone and upload it. People could vote it and stuff.
The best phone photos on the net are with concepts made by fans. As a company, listening to your clients is no 1 priority.

its pointless and lame to release this phone! the both s7 and s7 edge are already waterproof
and plus, this phone looks ughhhhhhhhhlyyyyyyyyyy as hell

I was about to ask if the front is wood camo then the article said it is gold version. What the hell happened? Did they re-hired the S5 designer or something? This is beyond bad!

  • Anonymous

I must say this is the most ugly phone I ever met! ::>_

And the ugly contest winner is....

  • AnonD-302271

looking ugly. it looking like a cheap phone.but the price will be higher than s7

  • AnonD-411204

This is a gold (and white) edition to go counterpart to the blue (and black), I guess ;)

  • AnonD-5197

The S6 looked alright... but this.... wtf is this.

  • notactive

I wish there was more fancy physical buttons in the front panel.

  • MAS

S7 is already water and dust resistant. So I can just use a case like the ones from Otter with regular S7 if and when need be. Do not see a point of Active version.

They should at least make the front and back more consistent, the front looks like it's made out of wood.