Asus announces ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, and ZenFone 3 Ultra

30 May, 2016
Metal bodies, fast cameras, and RAM for days.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-509743, 18 Jun 2016Dude you have surf the internet for too long and now are be... moreWho you are to interfere someone to promote their product. It's none of your business

  • AnonD-509743

Anonymous, 31 May 2016 https:... moreDude you have surf the internet for too long and now are believing in some dumbass conspiracy theory.
Its confirmed IMX318 on the Deluxe version.
Now go get some sleep because you need to go to school tomorrow.

  • AnonD-509743

Me, 01 Jun 2016I really would with no doubt. I hate that phones now are ge... moremake a time machine & go back to year 2000.

or go buy a Nokia 3310

  • azhvra

when it will release in Indonesia?

Asus could have done a killer phone if made the Ultra as a high end phone! But No the dont want to take others markets share

  • dom

when did the ntsc color gamut become something to shout about?

NTSC Color Space The NTSC Color Space is an RGB color space that
was introduced in 1953 by the FCC.

Color Space
Rec. 709 / sRGB 89.97%
NTSC 100%
DCI P3 82.2%
Rec. 2020 66.5%
Visible Spectrum 38.1%

  • AnonD-543204

Wiziwig, 30 May 2016Had a Zenfone 2 like all ASUS, the ghost touch started afte... moreWell I got a two zenfone 5,and I didn't have any ghost touch on my phone

  • Me

AnonD-76172, 30 May 2016They're all too big. Pass.Agree!

  • Me

AnonD-211148, 30 May 2016This phone totally copy design samsung and iphone and the n... moreHahahahahaha! :D funiest comment I've EVER read. Just laughed hard :D :D

  • Me

I really would with no doubt. I hate that phones now are getting bigger and bigger screens whinch sacrifice portability and comfort. I can't put this inside my pocket or comfortably use it with one hand without dropping it. It really let me down. Especially when I see the specs :(

  • Me

i would buy the zenfone 3 over the oneplus x if it had a smaller 5 inch screen. its better all around except for the big screen (it's okay not to have amoled). everything is better, camera, chipset, fingerprint sensor.. for the same price (if the oneplus x wasn't discounted) anyone agree?

  • DoodleOnYourFace

Have no idea where ASUS top management is thinking of doing, when I see that modified ASUS ROM. Its not-User-friendly. its crap and design is so stupid for a lot of reasons. they need to do a lot of homework before starting to design their UI.

  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 31 May 2016QUALCOMM 625 is better than 652 in my opinion. 14nm means... more625 is practically better than 652 only in power consumption. 652 is an "all around" type midrange soc, while all the focus was on battery life in case you 625. They could have made it with 4x A53+4x A57, but they chose to do with efficient a53s only.
Sure it have x9 modem, but practically it will same. Ur carrier even can't reach x7 modems maxim speed.
It supports vulkan api, but most games we will play were started to be developed at least a year ago, and even now very few are using it. It will take at least 2 years for vulkan to be dominant.
And 3rd and most importantly, u compared 2.0 ghz vs 1.8 ghz, but remember, 2.0 ghz of 625 are a53 and those of 652 are a72, 2 times more powerful than a53. So those 1.8 ghz mean 3.6 ghz a53.

  • Anonymous

QUALCOMM 625 is better than 652 in my opinion.
14nm means low power consumption.
X9modem means good uplink speeds.
TruSignal Multi Antenna Boost (its said there will be an option to turn it on)
Adreno 506 GPU is the first from QUALCOMM to support vulkan api (just google).
supports low light photography.
Qualcomm ecopix, trupalette, improve touch support (no clue about this though)
dolby 5.1 support
Fluenceâ„¢ HD noise cancellation technology
Enhanced voice services codec (ultra hd. needs operator support)
2ghz instead of 1.8ghz

Also note that moto z play, Samsung c7 are going to sport Qualcomm 625. (probably at more price)
652 has its advantages though. dual channel LPDDR3, and quad hd

  • AnonD-523334

Sony, LG and htc should learn how to make a simple lineup from these companies like xiaomi, Asus etc.
Flagship mi 5 pro
multimedia mi max
entry level redmi 3
Entry level phablet redmi note 3
Lower midrange redmi note 3 pro
Higher midrange :base version of mi5

Flagship zenfone 3 deluxe
Higher Midrange zenfone 3
Multimedia zenfone 3 max
Lower midrange and entry level yet to come
Also motorolas last year lineup.

  • AnonD-190634

apa, 30 May 2016you must be the one who is suck! it equipped with 4600mah b... moreI didn't see that! Calm down!

  • AnonD-543098

zenfone 3 coming to India on 4 august 2016

  • Z3

How many cores in zenfone 3 ?

  • NGS

hi all,

Pls do not look at the outlook design, zenfone has plenty of unique features that can't be compared with other leading mobile company like Samsung & Apple, Asus them has plenty of their own applications and regular updates on bugs fixing and do considering about consumer feedback... last but not the least, asus's own UI & feature can't compare with others for sure... you will feel it once you use of it... Thanks - NGS