Gionee S6 Pro detailed by TENAA: 5.5" 1080p AMOLED, S652 chipset

06 June, 2016
The metal unibody houses a few more improvements over the base S6. The official announcement is coming next week.

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  • 07 Jun 2016

7 means 7 days

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    • 06 Jun 2016

    The "7"and the smaller character to its lower right means 7 days. So it essentially meant 7 more days until the announcement.

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      • 06 Jun 2016

      M.A., 06 Jun 2016How do you know will be overpriced crap? S6 cost 200$ I dou... moreSpeaking of $300, I would want to repost my comment from the ZUK Z2 section. Now, if you don't mind:
      At just $275, the ZUK Z2 is monster-specified in terms of hardware: With 64gb ROM/4gb RAM (no microSD), SD820, USB Type-C and fingerprint sensor. 3500mAh is relatively big on a 5" display. Add an IPS LCD full HD (1080x1920) to it and expect an above-average battery life.

      The camera from ZUK Z2 pro is 13MP with Samsung ISOCELL sensor @f/1.8, so it's highly possible that a ZUK Z2 camera (hinted at 13MP) will have the same sensor but with smaller apperture @f/2.2.

      This time ZUK Z2's software swayed the Chinese way(LOL) and introduced the heavily-customed, Marshmallow-based ZUI 2.0 - parting ways with CyanogenOS. ZUK has no plans with Cyanogen's backing as of this moment.

      I don't like the design.

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        • 06 Jun 2016

        How do you know will be overpriced crap? S6 cost 200$ I doubt this one will cost more than 300$...If they improved the camera so it doesnt take so many blurry pics, added more lte bands and NFC, and cost around 300$ I might definitely consider it. It will be between this and Samsung C5...

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          • 06 Jun 2016

          Lead2XL, 06 Jun 2016Hard to understand how any phone can be called a 'Pro' vers... moresecond best chip okz... if u ned better give better amnt

            Hard to understand how any phone can be called a 'Pro' version when it only has SD652??!!

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              • 06 Jun 2016

              Anonymous, 06 Jun 2016i bet they price it around $500...overpriced crapmakersYup.. Overpriced crap

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                • 06 Jun 2016

                Ok, this is a decent mid-level amoled config.
                keep them coming!!! better with the removable battery, and reasonably priced.

                  I seriously like Gionee, but that logo they have is just fugly as hell.

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                    • 06 Jun 2016

                    i bet they price it around $500...overpriced crapmakers