HTC has finally found a new CFO

08 June, 2016
It is hardly a secret that HTC is bleeding money and has been doing so for quite some time. In light of this, there is probably no job at the Taiwanese manufacturer currently more important and vital for its survival than CFO. However, as you can imagine, finding a captain for a sinking ship is no easy task and HTC has been in the process for a whopping two years now.

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As a marketing and sales person I have been looking at the HTC phones and others for the past 10 months. I nearly bought another apple which I like though specs could be better but went in the end for the HTC A9. Stunning. People quibble about anything and everything and you cannot please all as there are different needs but this phone I must say is a total class act and our team have 3 for business. It has a wow factor.

When the 10 came out, I was also excited. Its powerful yes, smart yes, technology makes the battery go the distance, quality is unmistakable. However, I have to say as much of a fan of the company as I am that I am glad to stay with the A9 for now.

Unlike the A9 the 10 has that rough sharp glass to side edge that just about all phones have whereas the A9 is slick and feels 10 times more luxurious.

If the 10 was in the same build / feel as the A9 but with the 10s camera module placement etc. Winner. I respect that the 10 had similarities but that rough front facing edge was a put back on the shelf for me and I’m sorry to say that.

The A9 was never marketed enough, never came to Australia and when I went to Los Angeles and Honolulu when I saw the A9 in the shelf, well above many others it sure stood out. Sparkled. Sorry but it’s one of the very best feel in the hand quiet achievers phones available.

Coming from a good place.

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    • wcg
    • 09 Jun 2016

    Ablazin, 08 Jun 2016They need to return to product design innovation. Evolve be... moreits actually iPhone copied HTC. please get your facts right bro..

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      • 09 Jun 2016

      There is an idea I would like to share.
      Htc's sales are declining bcz of their low end specs for higher price. Well that does not mean that they don't make good phones. But here is the deal, why would anyone buy htc phones with low end mediatek processors if they get processors like snapdragon 650 at lower prices.
      It is because of the taxes that implied on htc phones during import from Taiwan.
      So why don't they just open their manufacturing unit at some place like China or India where "import from" taxes are low. This will inturn reduce cost and people will buy htc phones.
      #love #htc

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        • 09 Jun 2016

        Capt. Charles, 09 Jun 2016What does "HTC" stands for?high tech computer...i think

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          • 09 Jun 2016

          Just tell me, if they're looking for a new CEO.

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            • 09 Jun 2016

            What does "HTC" stands for?

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              • 08 Jun 2016

              If HTC 10 was like 5.6 - 5.7 inch, bigger battery and better sunlight visibility I would've bought one.

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                • 08 Jun 2016

                Just stop using mediatek processor....
                And focus on mid range phone.
                Don't use same design and dont make them bigger,i think 5 or 5.2,3 is best size...

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                  • AnonD-337419
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                  • 08 Jun 2016

                  Ablazin, 08 Jun 2016They need to return to product design innovation. Evolve be... moreActually iphone copied htc design

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                    • 08 Jun 2016

                    come on im a htc lover , the flasgip and sense are beautifull , but no has chance to do a space in the mid range phones, xiaomi,samsung,huawei,lg has that full

                    actually i have a Lg because the HTC COST 650USD is flasgip but noooou , no water resistant,the IR was gone, and the most beautifull speakers fall down in loudness,

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                      • 08 Jun 2016

                      Alien, 08 Jun 2016Of course it's about marketing, but there are other factors... moreI guess nothing wrong, just... if only you were their CEO...

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                        • 08 Jun 2016

                        they need to hire simple logic, not CFO... How sane person can buy HTC phones if one is not blind HTC fanboy? HTC is lacking innovation, originality and even loosing simple specifications race. Go and check camera samples ... they have promised so much on their camera department, but on paper it is the same as Samsung S7 and worse then G5. In reality it gives inferior picture detail under any circumstances then both other main competitors, even worse than iphone 6s... which was for a while not considered competitor in camera department. They screen is outdated LCD, their phone is thick as brick, the design was not changed for at least 3 years in a row, not water proffing and the rest of specifications either same or worse. Meanwhile both G5 and S7 were launched 3 month before HTC and already have price cuts making them not only better overall, but as well cheaper. This is limited example of flagship device, but the same is true for whole HTC line-up, these no single market segment where they providing competitive products e.g. Samsung now makes metal A series and very affordable J series, C series are all together overkill.. HTC so far have no answer to none of those devices, let alone series. Where HTC have one device, Samsung has 5 devices covering save segment, with superior hardware, 5 different display choices and in many cases better price.. what HTC expecting? All HTC products should be discounted at least 20% to become competitive, but I guess HTC cannot afford that, Samsung is simply more efficient and advanced.. Really unless HTC going to become more cost efficient, delivering right products at right time and normalising their line-up we going to see it going under.. and they need to react quick!

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                          • 08 Jun 2016

                          Of course it's about marketing, but there are other factors as well. For example, STOP releasing so many low and mid range devices. NOBODY Is interested in those. HTC used to be a good brand, but now they are Sammy copy cats, flooding the market with undesired products. Of course you're gonna loose if you release 10 phones per week and they all suck.
                          STOP making phones with MediaTek! Snapdragon ONLY!
                          In your high end devices, add Waterproofing. The real one, maybe mixed with MIL, not that spit-proof IP53. I for one am NOT interested one bit in a high end device if it lacks Waterproof and SD card.
                          Hire a real team of designers. Gay ones. Everyone knows they are the best in design. The 10, sorry to say, looks horrible. It reminds me of a racing car's pedal without the holes lmao. Is this the image you want your best phone to be? A mf pedal?!
                          Frankly, I think they have been sabotaged or they intentionally want to go bankrupt.
                          I'm not a Sammy fan, quite the opposite, but damn that S7Edge is fkn sexy! Even I wanted to get one when it was out. TouchWiz made me say no hehe :) that's a good design.
                          I see they tend to make thicker devices with witch I don't have a problem, but make the battery larger. A 4000-4500 battery would kill the competition. I said this so many times: I'd rather have a 1-1.5cm thick phone with a monster battery then a slim phone that cries I'm hungry all the time and is also very proned to bending.
                          Have I said anything wrong so far?

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                            • 08 Jun 2016

                            They can start by revising their midrange lineup. It's currently a mess right now with the confusing names. Underwhelming specs at the same price range as competitors is to be blamed as well. While pulling off a Xiaomi might be impossible for HTC, pulling off a Moto is certainly not a bad aim to shoot for.

                            Also, market, market, market.

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                              • 08 Jun 2016

                              vindictive666, 08 Jun 2016Agree, drop prices, your phones are awfully overpriced.Very true. You could already buy a very capable computer with these smartphone price tags.

                                AnonD-404954, 08 Jun 2016disagree reduce priceAgree, drop prices, your phones are awfully overpriced.

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                                  • Ablazin
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                                  • 08 Jun 2016

                                  They need to return to product design innovation. Evolve beyond the "iphone clone" lemmings.

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                                    • 08 Jun 2016

                                    Sony needs new chief personnel as well. They're in shambles

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                                      • 08 Jun 2016

                                      AnonD-223296, 08 Jun 2016Better marketing. That's all what they need. (n probably go... moredisagree
                                      reduce price

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                                        • 08 Jun 2016

                                        Stop inflating the market with useless phones worse than samsung and outdated specs
                                        Focus on flagship that still needs improvement internally..