Windows 10-powered NuAns Neo set for worldwide release

09 June, 2016
The device was first shown off in Japan last year.

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  • Rakesh

Bomj, 09 Jun 2016Yep. Lumia 950XL here. And not going back anytime soon.we still love to buy

  • uniqe

i actually lol'ed at this: "the highly antecipated".

  • AnonD-547448

Would love to buy one if this phone comes to India Amazon/Flipkart

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2016Why do people still use this OS? I've been using Windows P... moreFunny that I miss a lot of Windows features when I'm using an Android phone, but I don't miss anything from Android when I'm on my Windows phone.

Windows is the OS on my daily driver, and it rarely let me down. However, when I'm on my Android, I just get frustrated on the lack of productivity features and shortcuts. Not to mention all those apps crashing, email sync problems (I don't use Gmail) and all the restarts and whatnot.

Android is good for multimedia stuff and some games, while Windows is better at everything else.

  • Anonymous

Why do people still use this OS?
I've been using Windows Phone to W10m for over a year and I'm suffering, literally.

To be honest, lack of features compared to Android and iPhone even a small essential feature like slider for brightness, it seems build for business man for work but hey! the VPN is not even working correctly, disconnected whenever the screen goes off.

  • TechTech

Android fanboys are everywhere, well you gotta make this brand an exception even if it is carrying WindowOS, which killed Nokia. Japan people, the phone is from Japan, Japanese don't work on things if it has no future or potential, fanboys will be slapped in the face when Windows10 is fully developed and working. Trust me, Japanese are different in working things out.

  • Anonymous

i blame internet cause make me read NuAns in wrong way ...

  • Xplr

dladz, 09 Jun 2016Anyone actually still buy windows? Yes, 950XL, Windows hello, excellent video and photo, w10, and you can RECORD outgoing and incoming calls via system telephone application!

Myke, 09 Jun 2016The hardware is low-tech even for a modern Android version.... moreFirstly - You are incredibly naive if you really think Windows 10 mobile is the same size as Windows 10 for pc/laptop. There is a full Windows (for pcs/laptops) and a Windows mobile. Just like iOS is not the same size as whatever Apple's Mac OS is called.
Secondly - The specs are not low end at all, please check this site for more accurate info. A 617 and 2gb RAM is solidly midrange. Plus 16gb will leave plenty for storing apps on as Windows 10 mobile takes up 5-6gb. Which - simple maths tells us - leave 9-10gb for storing apps, music and games.

As for the phone itself, they really could've done better than wood and green to show it off and - personally - I'd always prefer to have a single removable back plate instead of 2. It's not much of a selling point really.

dladz, 09 Jun 2016Anyone actually still buy windows? Yep. Lumia 950XL here. And not going back anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

Myke, 09 Jun 2016The hardware is low-tech even for a modern Android version.... moreIt seems that you have never used a wp, so instead of saying pure android point of view nonsense, the wp its a very very light os, and noble with low end hardware and it have amazing optimizations for storage managent, be internal o external, you will never see a "cant mover this app to the sd card" with wp... by the way, I use the ios, android and wp in a plétora of devices daily, so I know what iI'm saying

  • AnonD-491243

AnonD-322352, 09 Jun 2016This is said by yourself, verbatim... "So you think that... moreRead my piece again, smartass. I quite clearly state that I removed half the population as people who do not use mobiles. So my calculation is based on 3.5 billion.

  • Myke

The hardware is low-tech even for a modern Android version. For Windows it will have awful lag. What kind of Windows version could be installed on 16 GB? And even so, it will remain some space for other software to be installed? Just another unsuccessful Windows smartphone...

  • AnonD-146040

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2016What part of 1% don't they understand? I hear of companies ... moreWhy worry about percentage ? Blackberry has roughly 0.3% market share and still active.

The main difference between windows mobile and android, IOS, is windows made for productivity, android IOS are made to fetish, play with, they are toys. They make phones look more smart. As you can see ipad becoming the main educational entertainment for modern children since babyhood that toysrus would soon go into bankrupt.

Android is also more exposed to security threats since it is open source. iphones becoming a belief for young people. People buy iphones become they like the brand name.

  • AnonD-146040

Snapdragon 617 SoC and sports a 5-inch HD display. 2GB RAM, 16GB expandable internal memory.

That's really low. what's happening ?

There isn't much difference between the OSes but the lack of apps make huge difference. I used a Lumia 525 for a long time (loved the phone). When I switched to an Android running Kit Kat it felt slow and laggy. I didn't like the interface. But it took some time getting used to it.

I still use the Lumia for viewing YouTube. There is an app called myTube, I think it is the best YouTube client there is for any OS, even the official app for Android doesn't have that much features.

Let's see how W10M turns out. Maybe I'll give a try again.


"consumers will have the opportunity to pre-purchase one of these units"
what an stupid.

  • AnonD-546897

One percent of probably a billion and a half devices sold is a pretty big number, you know. And market share is not static.

  • LifesGood

why this new company's belive it will be a sucess?! even more prestigiated companys are suffering like Microsoft, Nokia and Acer for choose Windows for theyr Smartphones...and the stupid thing here is the "low end" specs of this device...we see a lot of devices running Windows with better specs than this...

This will die after theyr launch, when the company see it doesnt do anything new...we need better than this, not a Windows phones inspired by LG L5 style design!!!

Really...we need things like Google Ara, modular phones, bigger battery's with new technology inside and not the same lithium old style phones...i see a lot of new's saying new battery's are invented but not ready for the market, why?! we need it right now...not when newer and even better than that will be discovered!

We need better than this mediocre phone...the market are struggling with this kind oif phones and i dont see none of them beign sell, are all in the shell's nobody cares, this phone will be one more of them!