MotoMods help the Moto Z get more battery life, pump out better sounding music, or project onto a wall

09 June, 2016
The biggest unique selling point for the newly outed Moto Z and Moto Z Force has nothing to do with the devices themselves. That's because Lenovo thinks it can bring something entirely new to the smartphone party with MotoMods.

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Wow, Moto Z has already made a way to my top phone list. I just wish that its price wouldn't reach extreme heights as iPhone's 6s Plus and Samsung's Galaxy S7. No matter how much I'd love Moto Z in real life I just couldn't spend my savings for just a phone.

  • Anonymous

I hope the battery mod does not disturb the camera to much.

  • Pitts is back with a bang.i like the JBL mod and camera pro mod.i will buy that unless I will buy moto Z phones.

  • Anonymous

I gotta say, this is a much better implementation than LG's modules. Now they just have to get enough manufacturers on board, and fast.

  • AnonD-203930

Nice Mods and the phones design is good and catchy.. Really excited to get one.. Wen it will be available in India ? and wat will be approx price.. Make sure u price the Mods right.. :)

  • aasif

I was excited about just one mod. and it is not here. camera.

These motomods are the kind of modularity that impresses. The lg g5 is a joke compared to this. And damn, i want that incipio battery on top of the z-force.

Really amazing! There's real innovation for you. Good going lenovo, just when everyone was criticizing the design of moto G4 you came up with this awesome stuff!!

  • AnonD-505631

Now thats Amazing....

I wish i cud have moto z.. I like it so much especialy motomods..

  • AnonD-190634

I LOVE THIS! and also the phone looks cute :O

Well I hope their $1M deal will lure developers because boy believe me, this is real innovation. we can say that mobile industries are really developing

  • Anonymous

Xz8441, 10 Jun 2016Wow, seems like LG got beat at it's own game... Moto's soluti... moreI was thinking the same but they I realised LG solutions is better
I can see myself carrying an extra battery then carrying cases.if you don't have a backpack where are you gonna carry them?
I can see myself getting the camera module on LG when I go hiking for extra functionality...10x zoom from moto?who needs that?stalkers? I wanted dslr type pictures not zoom

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2016the speaker mod is really big, though. look at the picture and h... moreIf you're using the speaker mod (especially one that's back facing), it's highly unlikely you'll be holding the device for any lengthy period of time (so the size won't be a big issue). You're more likely going to leave it on a table or something.

That is, unless you're one of those who likes to spam their loud music in public transports etc.

Wow, seems like LG got beat at it's own game...

Moto's solution to modular seems much better than LG's. No need to pluck out the battery meaning no need to restart the device every time a new mod is added?

Although, as with all these "modular" phones, unless all these modules comes free/cheap and last a few generations, they won't benefit much of the normal users/buyers of these smartphones.

  • Anonymous

LG superfan, 10 Jun 2016Then use the speaker modthe speaker mod is really big, though. look at the picture and how deep the camera goes. the Incipio battery pack there seems decent, but also looks like it adds a few millimeters to the phone. the Moto Z Force might be quite thick then, not sure. a thinner, light version of that would be neat as an option. maybe there's gonna be one if this sells well enough

vrvly, 09 Jun 2016Projector would need some shared play like in samsung so that yo... moreThen use the speaker mod

  • Anonymous

Ok, but where's the 10x optical zoom that was teased a few days ago?

  • Anonymous

this is really awesome :D