Apple App Store now has 2M apps, 130 billion downloads

13 June, 2016
Apple's WWDC event kicked off with some impressive stats.

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  • Anonymous

Most are crapplets. Pro apps on iOS aren't as good or even exist like on Android. I use both ecosystems.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2016Apple paid developees ...hahahahahahah They mean the profits th... moreYou see, Apple is a marketing machine and make everything they do seem like reinventing the wheel and people keep falling for it. Sadly, with the rise of technology, ignorance has risen faster

  • AnonD-397942

AnonD-548460, 13 Jun 2016no launchers,no lockscreens,.....etc...nothng is there n their a... moreI agreed with you....thats why android is better bcuz have many free apps.

  • AnonD-548460

no launchers,no lockscreens,.....etc...nothng is there n their appstore .Then wat is the use of appstore just for downloading paid games and that paid crappy itunes really.... wat u guys think?

  • bored

one apple fanboy detected!!

  • AnonD-367917

Unlike Nintendo, third party developers can have great sales success.

Apple really have just this brilliant platform for selling software on.
OS X, unix backend, cut down for iOS (which is slowly, but surely gaining features offered by the vastly more mature platform that is 'big brother'), secure, efficient software, arguably the best available.

Whilst I think garageband is exceptional, and highly doubt the idea that imovie can edit three 4k video streams simultaneously on an iPad Pro 12"..., a lot of the Apple offerings for their hardware platform is functional, and not often much else. (Arguably all it needs to be)

Whilst I think iTunes is some of the worst frontend for playing audio and interfacing with devices that can be subjected on a person, the vast majority of Apple software tools don't push the boundaries in their respective areas.

Glad they reinvest some of that cashpile back into their business in ways that benefit users...
(perhaps less,going forward, if MIcrosoft has a platform that can run iOS applications).

Procreate and Artrage are fine examples of the quality of iOS applications.
It blew me away how much Adobe gives for free...
There isn't much that isn't available on iOS, and what is missing is more than likely coming.

Due to the 'Apple of Things' hardware and software... the battery life in Apple products is fantastic, and productivity is measured higher, frequently found to deliver the best platform for work and education.

Good on iOS landmark.
May iOS X be something exceptional now you are dropping legacy support for 30 pin devices like the ipad 2. iOS 9 added so many of the features previously lacking, that stopped me from seriously considering the platform.

I must admit I look forward when some sort of desktop management app allows me to place icons where ever I want them.
And it would be nice if the 12.9" Pro didn't use the exact same setup as an ipod touch; only four/five icons on my home row? It is an A4 page!!
(First world problems.. I know..., calming down)

Maybe a month until iOS X beta, hopefully less!

  • Anonymous

Google already has that many apps in feb-16!

  • AnonD-416078

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2016Apple paid developees ...hahahahahahah They mean the profits th... moreExactly. Apple is not paying them, users are.

  • Anonymous

Apple paid developees ...hahahahahahah
They mean the profits that the developers made from their apps after giving 33% of them to apple