Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type unveiled, S40 goes touch

17 August, 2010
Today Nokia announced their first handset to pack a touchscreen and a regular alphanumeric keypad simultaneously. Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is also the first S40 touch-driven device to get a global...

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  • jimz

i found my problem of this phone x302 is hard to touch.. pls help wat will i do?

  • AnonD-152463

This Nokia X3-02 is really value-for-money, nifty compact phone loaded with useful features: -

1. Slim, stylish with metal back cover - solid looking
2. Touch screen+button combo
3. WiFi
4. Great speaker with music playback clarity!

Review says it all. My preference is the Black color set.

The touch-screen is resistance-type, rather small (but what do you expect with this price?) Big fingers may find it challenging.

The screen's edge may need some protection (optional 3rd party case).

Overall, it's a NICE & HANDY hand-phone in its class.

Since Nokia switchI am glad Nokia still retain the S40 series platform. Nokia should dump Windows and join Android!

Cheers! :)

  • AnonD-150718

wanna to update or format my phone ...

  • sam

viber is not working on my phone, its says out of memory

and i want skype mobile, how to dload it


i using RM-639,...i want to viber app......ple//////////; Bro & fri...

  • AnonD-68248

make it dual sim phone

  • Anonymous

Roby, 07 Jun 2011Hi guys! I'm using this phone for about 2weeks now and i've got ... moreupdate your phone as soon as possible . and charge it for a long time . than feel The difference .

  • Manex

Im using this phone for about 2weeks. Nokia release a latest model which is (RM-775) and i got 1... i think old model of x3-02 which is (RM-639) is a lot prone to problems, because its not fully updated. sorry for those who used (RM-639)..

  • sunny

Abdul razzaq, 11 Mar 2011hello.plz help prablam is how call skype from nokia x3-02.thanksits too imposible through this slim waste model

  • Violet banafshe

I want how download ?

  • Anonymous

love to have this pone

  • gellai

can i update my x3-02 version online?

  • Lee

Damn! Nokia X3-02... Weightles, slim, got keypad & touchscreen... I love it. Check it out...

  • Anonymous

Srik, 31 May 2011Hey dude.. I'm using this phone for the part one month. Untill n... moretis phone is really really awsum.... its best for students cuz it has both touch n type options.. great to hold in hand cuz very slim.. unlimited downloads frm ovi... chats like facebook chat, nimbuzz, snaptu etc etc can be downloaded n worked on it easily.. really an awsum phone ya :)i dont care abt the otherppl comments here.. cuz i knw wat it is cuz im USIN IT ! best phone for students cuz they dnt have to bounce on the scree n type mesgs like other phone ppl do.. its got its own key pad so tht it helps students to type in it neatly.. :) let me tell again its a awsum phone :)

  • raja


All other buttons on keypad presses normally, but the "0" key is like a touch. I just touch it, and it types 0. Is it normal or i should get the phone changed ?

  • daar

i bought this mobile because of wireless. i thing i can use skype. after that i try to download than i cant. i think this is wast model

  • javed

can i download Skype,Yahoo.Msn. in this phone???

  • Joy

I prefer u friends that not to buy this model its better to buy simple phone bcoz neither you can play youtube,neither you can download,nor it has front camera it just wasting money

  • DJ

I am using this mobile but facing many problems.
1. No backup at all.
2. Email & chat does not work at all.
3. Even Net connectivity is very poor.
4. It gets heat very fast.

  • ryan

this phone is good but im having problems in organising its folder in the memory card it wont move