Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets an update with lots of improvements

14 June, 2016
The new update weighs 340MB and improves on the battery life, memory management, and stability.

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  • AnonD-681990

Good one

  • xy

Similar update (N910CXXU2DPE6/N910COXX2DPE2/N910CXXU1DPC1) for the Exynos model of the Note 4 is already out (Slovenia).

  • AnonD-550573

I love the Marshmallow update. It fixed almost everything wrong with my phone. Google Now responds to my voice when the screen is off and locked. The screen off writing is great. It was like I have a Note 5 with the only difference of not having Samsung Pay, but having the ability to replace my battery.

  • AnonD-543204

AnonD-546570, 15 Jun 2016Don't do it. I have it. Do not do it. I just did a test with min... moreJust factory reset your note 4,my dad note 4 after got the marshmallow update start too lag every time and I factory reset my dad phone and just like normal note 4

  • papa

In general, whenever a major update is released (5.1.1 -> 6.0.1) it is highly recommended to factory reset !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2016marshmallow update has ruined my note 4!! constant lagging and... morelie

  • Sirfoxelot

To anyone having constant reboot issues. Go into Settings -> Battery and scroll down to App power saving. Tap on "details" and turn app power saving off

Both myself and my mate have done this and not suffered a single reboot since

  • Anonymous

Anyone knows when is AT&T Note4 getting Marshmallow ?

  • AnonD-3367

addie, 15 Jun 2016is it still worth of buying the note 4? cuz i am thinking of get... moreThe Note 4 is better than most of the flagships released in 2015 and some that were released in 2016, so yes, worth it.

  • AnonD-121915

hi , what about india.....?

  • Sagar

Its quite shame that they arent changing the camera software!

  • Aby

The phone was initially very slow after the Marsh mellow update and the battery performance was slow, i factory reset my phone and it is perfect now. We have not received this update yet in India.

  • Anonymous

marshmallow update has ruined my note 4!!
constant lagging and keeps freezing and restarting throughout the day!

  • AnonD-224477

I have note 4 exynos model. The marshmallows update is unbelievable the phone is faster and the most significant thing is the battery on standby is from different world it is like more than 50% better than before you will feel the difference for sure. First position update ever got.

  • Sarkasm

I got it. I live in Slovenia and I got it few days ago. But I did'nt figuere any changes or improvments. Yet!

  • AnonD-546570

AnonD-86090, 15 Jun 2016I'm still waiting for my marshmallow update on my verizon note 4.Don't do it. I have it. Do not do it. I just did a test with mine. I charged my phone up 100%, and 4 hours later it lost 20%. Marshmallow is killing my phone. And if you want to do it, are you sure you manually checked? I've had it for a week now

  • dzonijsst

AnonD-549078, 15 Jun 2016Orange Romania must be the worst carrier on the planet. I am sti... moreNot only yours. Baltic States as well. I have 910C and still on 5.1.1.

  • AnonD-549078

Orange Romania must be the worst carrier on the planet. I am still running on 5.1.1 N910F. No sight of 6.0.1

  • AnonD-549061

Waiting for marshmallow on tmobile note 4. Feels like forever.

  • Anonymous

N 910 C and still on 5.1.1 despite multiple recent updates for I don't know what purpose !!!!!