ZTE nubia Z11 will be unveiled on June 28

14 June, 2016
The Z11 family will thus finally be complete, with the Z11 mini and Z11 Max having already been outed.

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  • MR.AKS

it is mid range phone with affordable price,decent camera feature

  • yanka

i have been waiting soooo long for this zte z11 phone that i have switched to liking a whole different zte phone.. now i dont even want this cos the zte axon 7 is way better now thatsss the phone i want lol

  • Anonymous

only took them 6 months....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2016CR is wasted to be associated with ZTE, a lousy hopeless brand.Worst. It won't even be on sale on his own country, Portugal

  • Anonymous

CR is wasted to be associated with ZTE, a lousy hopeless brand.

  • AnonD-442781

I think a comprehensive comparison with the axon 7 is in order.

Cannot wait for this phone to be released. It is possibly the best looking device released and with top specs. I do so hope the UI is up to the job. It will be a very tough decision between this and the Huawei P9.
The Nubia store has it listed at $499 which matches the competition.