New WP7 Samsung Cetus and LG C900 pose for a blurry photoshoot

22 August, 2010
The candybar Samsung Cetus and the QWERTY slider LG C900 are the latest leaked Windows Phone 7 devices. Both are heading to AT&T this holiday season. Like most of the leaks recently, both the Cetus...

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sigh... Why do i even try. They need to IQ test peoples age here on GSMarena before being allowed to write.

I thought we were talking about what i do for a living, not your dad.

  • Anonymous

UI is a Personal Choice and I love indeed WP7 UI, the smoothness, the speed everything, so all in all Wp7 is gonna is huge for sure.


Blaze135, 24 Aug 2010Holy Nexus One Batman! That LG surely was inspired by (copied) t... morehello : it is not copy of htc n1 okay check this video ::::­eature=player_embedded#!

  • Blaze135

Holy Nexus One Batman! That LG surely was inspired by (copied) the Nexus's only missing too more touch buttons and the trackball, and yeah, I know the Nexus One does not have a physical keyboard, just pointing out the similarity in design.

About Windows Phone 7, it looks promising, we shall see what it'll bring to the table and hopefully Microsoft will make a good competitor again so we users have more options and also have the companies work their asses off to make the best OS.

I'm an Android user by the way, no fanboy-ism or anything.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hey, is there something wrong woth you? Is it diffcult so talk like a normal person. You think you are intelligent because you tell people on GSMarena about the obvious software and hardware issues? What has med being a Blackberry user have anything to do with the issue? What, so you are more intelligent cause you can operate Android device? I can build i phone in my sleep, you don't have to be that smart to do that. I work with Gas Turbine Turbofan Engines for Airplanes at the SAS terminal in Arlanda, Stockholm. The Engines that makes planes fly you know? You are welcome to come try out for day and we will see how good you are at engineering.

  • Anonymous

I think the cetus looks nice. sleek, modern, minimalist design

  • missan

please check this video lge900 windows phone 7 rocking­eature=player_embedded

  • Rip

I don't mean to bash on Microsoft, but the Winphone 7 UI looks like sh!t!!!

  • Anonymous

The end of the power cable going into the samsung phone,looks to be so thick it could'nt house anything other than a mini hdmi connection. Might be a clue to its graphics capabilities.

  • Anonymous

windows phone my a*s, 23 Aug 2010leaking ram,slow and painful os even with a 800 mhz processor,un... moreSo how does this affect your life? And if you knew that MS has not updated since 2004, why did you buy a Winmo device? The only who betrayed you is you yourself, cause nobody forced you to buy a Winmo device in the first place knowing that they haven't updated it. Did you just come here to GMSarean to get rid of non-related anger or just to show of your stupidity?

By the way, i am a Blackberry 9700 user and no fanboy of anything, i'm just amazed by the level of wannabes writing here.

  • windows phone my a*s

[deleted post]leaking ram,slow and painful os even with a 800 mhz processor,unable to upgrade current 6.5 phones to 7, those idio*t*s on microsoft hasnt updated the win mo kenral since 2004 making moder cpu and gpu useless in modern phones.lack

  • Anonymous

WP7 will be the only smartphone OS that won't allow any customization. Talk about progress...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]then u shouldnt go and comment bad in nokia phone section ,KUWQ..why using different names..i agree samsung producing very good mobile nowadays.lets not fight which one is best..


[deleted post]we cares ^_* first of all if you not care then what are you doing here ??? if you not like samsung then why you comments here ?? ??

  • sitcoms

[deleted post]LOL its not about the phone, its all about the new W7 OS

  • confrontation

I cant wait till WP7 is out but I still dont like the the home screen interface its just boring to look at

  • samsung lover

samsung please announced this phone / i am sure this is my next phone / and why only pic , we want also vidoes , great job samsung

  • kexx

Cetus in Malay means trigger..

  • win mo my as*s

neva gonna buy win mo 7 phone......the worst mobile os.....i was betrayed by win mo 6.5 .....u cannot upgrade the current win mo phone to win mo 7, leaking ram, useless very less games and apps..........pretty much use less....i would advice to any one to go for android, symbian ^3 osx......let microsoft suffer for betraying its users.....dont buy a single win mo phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2010Well for me the square cartoon widgets on the iPhone looks like ... moreDon't worry, I was not refering to any eye candy. I'm using E Series phones, and I like its interface, even though it may not be politically correct ;)