Registrations for LeEco Le 2 and Le Max 2's first flash sale in India are now open

20 June, 2016
The company is offering free CDLA Type-C earphones (worth INR 1,990, or around $30) with the handsets.

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  • shankar

when the start supplying phone

  • AnonD-463876

I assume the $341 price tag on the Le Max 2 is for the 32GB/4GB variant. How much will the 64GB/4GB and 64GB/6GB version cost?

  • rohit


  • Anonymous

AnonD-337832, 21 Jun 2016these people might have thought they will be the quicker in remo... moreWell That was not the Thought of Removing the 3.5mm Jack. If you go Closely into the Specs, The 3.5mm Jack was Removed just to make Phone Future Proof and Due to Phone Offering Type C, by which now headphones doesn't have to rely on Phone's Internal Amplifier and by which headphones would be able to provide much richer sound and quality. Anyways , you are Considering Apple. Even Though Apple Removes the 3.5mm JAck Forces Audio Output through Lightning Jack then there Would no Point of Taking Their Lighting Accessory and Using with LeTv's Type C Port. Stop Blaming Any Thing if you don't have any knowledge on it.

  • Anonymous

leeco le 2 camera result????????

Too bad, shipping not available to all states.

  • yuri

Who was the buffoon who thought it would be a good idea to launch the phones in only Rose Gold of all colours... wtf.

  • AnonD-337832

these people might have thought they will be the quicker in removing 3.5mm jack before apple does! now apple says their next iphone will feature 3.5mm jack!

  • AnonD-551321

can i read pen-drives in this phone using OTG cable?

  • Geek

I dont understand why there is not expandable card slot in the phone. It makes the phone useless after some years. Cheap phones now a days have expandable card slot upto 256gb in phone. Bad strategy, people will avoid using such phones even after the flashy specifications.

  • T-Dizzle

My Le 2 is built very well and runs very fast. The battery life is great!

  • sangam

rayne, 20 Jun 2016for those who are interested in getting the leeco le 2 please b... morecan u quote reviewers who told so, i will watch it
i want to buy this one badly

  • Shiva honey

Will be soon it is mine

  • Shivam PANDEY

Very good mobile

  • AnonD-529642

But LeMax(6GB) not listed on any of the FLIPKART/LeMall sites.
They offering C type earphone on LeMall + 10%(HDFC cashback)

  • Anonymous

i just dont like their design

  • rayne

for those who are interested in getting the leeco le 2 please be inform that based on several reviewers on youtube are saying it have screen quality issue such as the screen slightly bend into the phone when it is press too hard which is basicially a quality control issue!! leeco is using cheap material.

  • AnonD-538254

Wow freebies..... nice move by leeco ...while other out there dont even give simple earphones