Samsung S7230E Wave 723 live photos fresh off the IFA 2010 floor

3 September, 2010
The Samsung S7230E Wave 723 (a real mouthful) was only recently announced and today at the IFA 2010 floor we had the chance to see it in person for the first time. The Wave 723 is based on Samsung's...

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  • Long live samsung!!!

CHEAP SMARTPHONES + BADA OS: IT'S WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS! (Don't u know that rich people r only a really small part of d entire world??? while all hundreds of bada apps r currntly free!!!)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2010Who wants a qvga screen? This sucksNot everybody has the budget for a high-end device.

  • phones fan

toorop, 06 Sep 2010One Wave is enough! I own the Wave GT-S8500 and it's a cheap pho... morefirst of all you are a lair ,no one buys samsung wave and iphone4 in the same time,you are an iphone user as you think the iphone came from another planet where its people hold their phone different to avoid the death grip "antenna gate" .
samsung wave price is about 400$ which is not considered cheap for millions of people.
and samsung is not the "world's largest technology company" from nothing,knowing that millions of people are not willing to pay much money for a mobile phone but in the same time they don't mind using a smart phone so here where samsung introduces smart phone with bada os which is great os in its first version ,giving it the great wave name,so samung will get two benefits the first is selling millions of cheap will built balanced features smart phones and the second bada os will get a large part of the market share which means more apps and more money.

  • toorop

One Wave is enough! I own the Wave GT-S8500 and it's a cheap phone allready, so why even cheaper and totally uninteresting phones? Not one not two but three other Waves? That's too much and ruins the good reputation of the first Wave. Btw. I own an iPhone 4 too. The Wave is quite good for the price, I can't complain, but the iPhone 4 is from another world.

  • Anonymous

sumsung phones are worthless.....

  • Anonymous

Who wants a qvga screen? This sucks

  • Anonymous

same space like nokia x6 : nice move from samsung : low price smart phone : hey you !!! iphone 4 usres ??? what is yours problem ??? what are you doing in this page !!!

  • Anonymous

What a ridiculous name...

  • Anonymous

this ph is good bt more luckily x6 is more better than it.

  • Anonymous

sorry, but i still think samsung phones look like cheap-ass plastic ugly piece of shiits. and that 'iphone for kiddy 10-year-olds' ui is the gayest ui ever.

  • Anonymous

great job samsung ! i am so happy for s7230e wave ! good job : we need low price mobile and bada os ! camera is good 5mg and screen 3.2 also good and battery 1200 not but good : how about ram ???? and processors ????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010I really dont think any takers for Bada OS. already app devel... moreuh.. yeah. sorry, but nokia has already lost their developers years ago. they've only got like 9% left or something, and it's said to be decreasing upto now.. and their developers has lost interest. so currently the developers are clinging to iOS and android. nokia has been out of the game long time ago.

  • Anonymous

I really dont think any takers for Bada OS.

already app development is crowded by iOS, Android and good old symbian.
And moreover Nokia's MeeGo looks like a decent OS for development.

Probably samsung shld stop bada os after sometime

  • Dave

I do like the look of this phone but can anyone tell me how good bada OS is?

  • Xic

WQVGA resolution found in many samsung phone are so bad it looks like a mosaic. You can easily count the pixels from a foot away.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010Have you seen it without the case from the front? It looks li... moreToo bad the design is taken from Samsung F480, which was here waaaay before iPhone 4.

  • aster0id

What about wave 2? Isnt that supposed to be cheaper considering the spec sheet to be on the lower side than this one?

  • Anonymous

Have you seen it without the case from the front?

It looks like an iphone 4

  • r 3 b 3 l

The screen resolution is so bad, it could give you eye trouble lol. I mean wtf?

280x400 on a 3.2inch screen? It'll take an indian to buy this phone

  • TxB

no SUPER AMOLED? wow...first Wave better.