ZTE quietly unveils the Nubia N1 in China

04 July, 2016
The most prominent feature of the $255 mid-ranger is its huge 5,000 mAh battery.

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  • 13 Dec 2016

Nubia n 1

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    • ncN
    • 31 Jul 2016

    1st note; 5.5" at fHD equals 401PPI not 441.
    2nd note; ZTE have been using this design for many years and this year they seem to have perfected it with the Z11 and this.
    3rd and final note; Good price and reputation are accounted for, now just release in more - many - markets.

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      • 06 Jul 2016

      AnonD-451833, 04 Jul 2016quietly because they proly will get sued by apple for near ... moreNonsense. First of all the design is different from apple. Second apple can't sue someone for having similar designs... Most phones look similar nowadays. Apple doesnt "own" designs.

        5000mah battery and that is it. Nothing special or whatsoever.

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          • 04 Jul 2016

          quietly because they proly will get sued by apple for near identical design infringement

            Battery capacity is even bigger than my 8.0 inch tablet (4000mAh). :/

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              • 04 Jul 2016

              SOC should have been SD652.

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                • 04 Jul 2016

                way to go ZTE! pushing a bit the battery will make other companies do the same... a win-win for us consumers ^_^ let's wait a bit till it gets a bit trendy XD