Samsung ultra slim SGH-X820

08 May, 2006
For the Sviaz ExpoComm 2006 in Russia (10-13 May) Samsung will present their ultra slim phone SGH-X820. The new bar phone is only 6.9 mm thick. It features a 2 megapixel camera with video...

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  • AnonD-208260

i used this phone its really good but alla the ting is that was broken into half . . . . but i love this phone . . . . if samsung is reproduce this phn then i will surely bye this one

  • AnonD-208260

i used this phone its really good but alla the ting is that was broken into half . . . . but i love this phone . . . . if samsung is reproduce this phn then i will surely bye this one

  • joga bonito

a minus is that ecran isn't big

  • Anonymous


I just purchased the SGH-X820 which truly is a beautiful phone! I just transferred my service to T-mobile and have the text message and internet plan.

I am a bit frustrated because I am unable to send/receive Multimedia text messages along with access the internet browser. It says the service is unavailable. Can someone please help me out!?!? What do I need to do to get this working?

T-mobile wasn't much help because it is a European phone and not one they sell in the stores.

Thanks so much for your help on this!

  • shibb

how do you get to use this??

  • Anonymous


  • Prem kumar

This is a very good phone.

  • jan

wOw! this phone is so amazing!!! beats all the phone I know!!!...i'll keep this forever

  • shinto

have held this phone for a short time and it beats the L7 of motorola, software and design wise. for example, when you read text messages, it is like being typed in-front of you by the phone with emoticons (like yahoo smileys). light and thin, this is probably a good phone for some but not for others who want more features like 3G and etc. what this phone lacks makes up for its design and looks which makes the motorola L7 trail behind.

  • jole

cammon guys enough with motorola this motorola that. motorola is past.

  • E.O.S

it looks great, best slim phone ever, SAMSUNG is the best

  • opixon

I hope this is going to be an exception, SLIM PHONE BATTERY STAND BY and TALK TIME perfomance always sucks!

  • vodacolin

Agree with Mike - more and more motorola's being sent back these days.......

  • vodamike

To the person who said this cant beat the L7. Are you having a giraffe? I work at vodafone customer services, and the no1 handset that gets sent back the most is the motorola. Doesnt matter which model it is, customers will have for about a week, then it stops working. Pathetic if you ask me. Samsung make handsets that work. Not that Im a samsung fan. Im happy with my SE :-)

  • Anonymous

too thin...too thick...too narrow...too slender
when will people ever be happy?

  • Kal

And where did get this phone to play around with BUGz??

Constructive critisim is welocme..but what's this? This is not a gaming phone.
The specs are quite normal like other phones and all in a very thin profile. Looks like some people just can't digest the technological achievments Samsung is making.

  • Bugz

just played with the phone and didnt rate it at all, for a start its too thin, it dosnt feel confortable in the hand, even more if you try to play a game on it with 2 hands, the keys look tacky and plastic the screen gives you a headache after a while, the camera is a dissapointment and at the end of the day its a Samsung!!! what more can I say?

  • Guy

Too wide. I wish they could make it thin without but nerrow.

  • Lg Hooker

The screen looks big enough to me.

  • prem

hey, this phone looks amazing. i used to dream to have a phone of this thin few years back and today it's there. i think the disadvantage is, it will snap if you put it in the back pocket and sit on it. one needs to take care of it like a new born baby. i hate the samsung's features compare to nokias. well done samsung.