Google's two Android Wear smartwatches now portrayed in renders

11 July, 2016
Last week word got out that Google is working on two smartwatches of its own, both of which will (obviously) run Android Wear. At that point we heard some details about the devices, but no pictures accompanied that leak.

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  • AnonD-559501

These smart watches might have project SOLI hardware in them. As project SOLI was in development for quite some time in the years before. Now, it's time for google to put them on test with real consumers and to collect the data from various consumers and further develop it there by ultimately making them to be one of the smartest watch.

Since, smartwatches combined with motion control / gesture control (Google’s project SOLI) the consumer can use his device without even physically touching them. This particular smartwatch from Google ’ll be having a great potential to change the way we use media devices (Mobile Phone, Tablet, Smart watches, etc).

News linger over the web that, google is already making its own smartphone (great Google, i want to see you out breaking Apple's net worth of 600 billion dollars by entering the hardware segment).

Going ahead, Google will also bring in Project Jacquard. This is also something similar to project SOLI, but needs a physical contact perform function. This’ll be of great use in the automotive segment, house hold and office furniture, physically challenged people. Especially when in consideration of autonomous driving, Incorporating all those fabrics in the dashboard area, side door trims and even on the seats to memorize your seating positions just by rubbing over your automotive seat, thereby eliminating most of the hard plastics inside the car and give a pleasant and futuristic environment.

Google is investing a lot of time, money and great people in these and many other projects. My guess over these moves of Google is that, they wanted to make a statement such as "from the webpage to the brand GOOGLE". Because 10 years from now, google is going to be the ultimate brand that every consumer would require, and it could be anything from media consumables, PERSONAL cars, public transport, internet service provider, satellites, smart houses, automated hospitals to anything that i missed out.

Aravind raj,
Google Fanatic

  • Hope

The swordfish should atleast have GPS or else it will be not much usefull

  • AnonD-414452

Please Google, make it with B&W LCD or Colour E-INK and at least 1 week battery life. We don't need another color LCD based smartwatches, which have to be charged every night...

Interesting. Let's see what Google really brings to the table.

  • Itkillsme

I hope Google makes these watches Daydream VR controllers as well.