The fun is over - Microsoft takes your free OneDrive storage away

14 July, 2016
As promised Microsoft has started reducing the free OneDrive storage to 5GB.

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  • AnonD-309089

AnonD-550207, 14 Jul 2016what is pokemon go?A hype :P

AnonD-560455, 15 Jul 2016Wrong, G-Drive is cheaper after checking pricesI don't trust G-drive, so making it a prime cloud backup is not an option.

AnonD-25208, 14 Jul 2016Dropbox was my first cloud service and will be my last one, it w... moreYeah kinda agree. I have been using drop box on desktop and find it amazing. 1 TB I was starting to wonder if I needed a better different service but Nah, seems fine. If you go online to get files instead of laptop icon that's different but as it is it works well.

  • AnonD-135930

Glad I took the offer when they asked me if I want to keep mg storage... Still have my 30GB untouched...

  • zodiacfml

Another way to concede defeat to Google's cloud prowess.
Here I thought, Satya, will focus on Microsoft's cloud business.

  • AnonD-560455

Bomj, 14 Jul 2016Office 365 never gave an unlimited storage, it was and is 1TB; w... moreWrong, G-Drive is cheaper after checking prices

  • Anonymous

AnonD-282770, 15 Jul 2016Microsoft why not just RIP One Drive Service, we have Google who... moreYeah, but who, in their right mind, is willing to share their files, photos, etc. with Google? Not to mention that Google Drive is far inferior to OneDrive when it comes to syncing, speed, functionality and browsing features.

goron, 15 Jul 2016good to go microsoft. nokia down, blackberry down, next is micro... moreYou realise Windows is the most profitable and widely used desktop operating system in the world, right?

  • goron

good to go microsoft. nokia down, blackberry down, next is microsoft. that is what happen when microsoft underestimated mobile OS. balmer must be remember this forever. he must be regretted his decision chosen someone who tweeting message using iphone as the head of windowsphone

  • Anonymous

Mine left 5 GB total, think of using traditional old school storage.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2016and now they say cloud storage is the future.. F%CK YOU.. im sti... moreIsheeps who love icloud usually say that. Lol.

  • AnonD-317621

Akinaro, 14 Jul 2016And now someone tell me that could systems that they provide are... moreThe point of cloud storage is ANOTHER way to backup your files. I still maintain an HDD storage backup that i update once in awhile.

Remember, not everything is reliable, and only serve to be temporary storages. I used to DVD burn my important files every 6 months. I got tired of it, and portable HDDs have become bigger in capacity, and a lot more cheaper. I just got a 2TB 2.5" Seagate HDD as my secondary backup.

Sometimes I just carry my MS Surface 2 for my writing, and everything from my cloud storage is accessible and updated. If i list my Surface 2, i still have all my files.

  • AnonD-402029

never had fun with microsoft anyway

Bomj, 14 Jul 2016Office 365 never gave an unlimited storage, it was and is 1TB; w... moreProffessional photographers do not deal with measely 5mb files. They usually deal with 50-100mb raw files from their photos. And even bigger when talking abut raw videos. So they will need bigger storage HDDs. Upwards of 10TB would be the norm for them. You're seriously underestimating their workload.

  • Thorenzz

Am i a lucky one or what i have 130GB onedrive. Never paid anything to microsoft. Had it since skydrive days and i bought one windows 10 tablet which came with free storage but surely it wasnt 100gb. I know i opted in decemeber for 15+15 the only problem is that i am using 63gb out of 130gb. I hope they just wont delete it one day. I have safe backup on 2 hdds microsd dropbox and google drive but i loke onedrive most to be honest. Just for perfect camera roll symc between android and photos app in windows 10.

AnonD-550207, 14 Jul 2016I just checked my 15 + 15 gb onedrive storage and it remains the... moreIts actually valid until july 28 of this year. They will notify your through email to downloadd all your stuff and give you enough time before they delete all of it.

  • Jim

I received an email about this a month ago.

I don't bother, prefer HDD / CD / SD storage than cloud storage.

  • Anonymous

and now they say cloud storage is the future.. F%CK YOU.. im sticking with my micro sd card

  • AnonD-282770

Microsoft why not just RIP One Drive Service, we have Google who understands how cloud users should be treated.

AnonD-237381, 14 Jul 2016I have more than 12GB of photos stored on OneDrive, since 2012 w... moreI know that Dropbox is a different company, but when my offer (i believe i had 50GB storage for 2yrs) has expired, i was full on it. All my files were kept and nothing were deleted. I could not upload anything as I was full, so I believe it should be the same for OneDrive....although, I recommend you to either upgrade and/or make a backup just in case the worst scenario would turn on.