ZTE unveils the $99 Zmax Pro with 6-inch display, Snapdragon 617

18 July, 2016
The new phablet is landing at MetroPCS on August 1.

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  • Stereonika

Nonsense! They require you to purchase SIM from Metro PCS, and the phone is locked.

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-463876

I think I found my bro his replacement phone, good thing he's already a MetroPCS customer cause for $99 it's a steal!

  • Anon

NJ, 19 Jul 2016It will become available at MetroPCS on August 1 for $99, w... moreCorrect, there's no contract, but there is a SIM lock on the phone that MetroPCS would normally remove after 3 months of service. They subsidized the device's price in order to get people on their service for 3 months. Of course, 3rd party SIM unlocks will probably become available at some point, but they'll cost some money too.

  • A Note 4 user

Is display amoled?
although, for 100 euros, maybe it doesn't matter.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-562132, 19 Jul 2016could someone tell is this phone locked or not ? or with c... more

4G LTE band 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 12(700) only.
It is work for your country? Maybe not, because that T-Mobile US and MetroPCS 4G LTE band. MetroPCS own by T-Mobile US.

  • Anonymous

Please read the review here, so you have more detail information about no metal etc....
Up to now this cellphone exclusive made for MetroPCS (USA Carrier), no T-Mobile US or A.T.& T US.
Today I might ask to MetroPCS store for detail.

  • Nick

Really great phone for the price. Good job!

  • AnonD-562132

could someone tell is this phone locked or not ?
or with contract or not ?
because i'm from another country and i will let a friend of mine buy it for me
so , i wanna will i be able to use it or not ?
someone help me please , i'm a bit lost in here

  • Anonymous

nize, 18 Jul 2016Is that website safe? I checked another device price, It's... moreThey did not just selling unlock cellphone, but prepaid cellphone company under T-Mobile USA.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-497261, 19 Jul 2016This device has also made history here on GSMArena . . . . ... moreI know right after reading the coments i was like where are the haters ?

  • No one

I'm disappointed. It will not available in Pakistan.

  • Rocky

It's like a mini Rajnikanth in your pocket damn.. Doing kabali dance

  • NJ

Anon, 19 Jul 2016The reason it's only $100 is because it's subsidized by the... moreIt will become available at MetroPCS on August 1 for $99, without any contract-signing required...

  • Anon

The reason it's only $100 is because it's subsidized by the carrier. Technically you're supposed to pay for 3 months of service before they'll unlock it for you, but you should be able to use 3rd party unlocking services. Still good specs for the price though.

  • Margic

I will only believe this when they started shipping it. but this spec is a topnotch for that price

well,value/price is crazy on this phone they can make a good sale if they prepare and send them in large amounts around the world.

  • Dom_82

This phone will make wonders .... amazing spects for $99 ... it should put costly phones with this spec to shame ... fantastic ZTE

  • hasapi

MasEnha, 19 Jul 2016Very good to be used as GPS in the car. +1Spot on - with Android Auto coming soon, this should be good for my car. Its not good enough for pocket (zte camera's are horrible) and too small to replace the 8" tablet for reading.

  • Anonymous

if you buy this, you absolutely have no right to complain afterwards for the price you pay and has usb type C to boot.