Update brings 'double tap to wake' feature to Lumia 950 dual-SIM variant

19 July, 2016
Currently rolling out in the US, the update can be fetched via the Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT).

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what ever it is .. still I want static IP Addressing which is missing :(

  • james2312

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2016You know, I always thought that it would be an excruciating... moreDear user: I liked reading your opinion despite not being related with the "double tap feature". I myself disable this feature, but I think it can be useful for some users. Well about your experience with a windows phone I will comment some of your ideas. I can share the same experience even I use only the windows phone I gave my sister as a gift from time to time. Having a similar android phone with almost the same specifications I experienced the lagging and virtually no updates from the beginning. The update for my android phone was even not recommended by the manufacturer (sony), so I let my device with the "out of the box" android version. I cannot understand why an update is offered when the phone will perform worse after that. The Lumia instead did a great job from the beginning and I already installed 5 updates T-Mobile sent me, which made the experience even better. Later I had a great time using the xperia z3 compact but not many people in poor countries like mine can afford such devices. The big problem with microsoft (MS) is the app-gap, in fact I found no gap app at all, but people will never stop saying this is the case, so MS is predestined to close this gap as soon as possible even I was always able to find the app I needed or a similar one. Otherwise the days are counted for windows phones, yes for windows phone 7, 7.5, 8 and 8.1 but not for Windows 10 mobile. Why? MS called the operating system that way instead of windows phone 10, to show the OS is being unified across devices, no doubt they are heading in the right direction, but not there yet. I saw the big universal app dependency connecting a high end windows phone with continuum, so it remembered me the windows RT experiment but this time with phones. In my humble opinion in five years we could see a real integration being windows 10 mobile really windows 10. Meanwhile I can only hope MS will not to give up its phone endeavor despite being bombarded with negative comments, 1% market share shows people are not really fans of windows phones. So to sum my ideas. Windows 10 mobile cannot die, otherwise the whole idea of windows 10 as an unified OS would be a joke. HP seems to have faith with the upcoming X3, targetting business users which highlights your most important thought. Business professionals are the ones who will be pleased by windows phones. If MS and its partners do offer the devices with affordable prices they may success.

  • Savor

Microsoft got rid of it when phones released with W10 or double tap was in certain Lumias but not all of them. Bringing back something that should have not been omitted in the first place. And Nokia actually came up with it before LG in 2013. Double tap to wake was already found on the N9 in 2011.

  • Anonymous

gargamel, 19 Jul 2016double tap to wake?? are we in 2013??who introduced double tap to wake?

  • Anonymous

You know, I always thought that it would be an excruciating experience moving away from my beloved Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone to a Windows 10 Mobile. But after getting hacked, due to Android's notorious poor security model, and Samsung's poor update policy, I decided enough was enough. Windows Phone, with its trusted security model that it brings from the Desktop version of Windows, seemed like a leap of faith, but I took it.
When I purchased my Microsoft Lumia 950 phone, I was skeptical, as I had only ever used popular iPhones made by Apple and Android Phones made by Samsung. I was worried that perhaps there would not be enough applications for my productive workflow. But I was won over by the incredible build quality, to include the brilliant AMOLED screen. I was floored by the speed of the user interface -- no lag, unlike all of the buggy Android phones that I had used. And while the "live tiles" took some getting used to, I found that they were much more informative and helpful than antiquated icons found on the competition.
As for the application gap -- well, honestly, there isn't one. I am a professional, and I've found that all of the productive applications that I need, including Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Skydrive, are available on my Lumia 950. Indeed, this is a seemless experience that blends in with the beautiful Windows 10 Mobile interface. I have also found that most programs for which an application does not exist, will work perfectly using the new Edge browser, the newest mobile browser on the block. Such is the case with my bank, which works faster in Edge than any mobile application on Android.
To sum it up: It's been a few weeks now, and I'm thoroughly impressed. I bought the Microsoft Lumia 950XL (the larger version) for my spouse, and now all of my friends want to transition to the Microsoft ecosystem as well. It's no longer about "application count" but about productivity and workflow. I've found that Microsoft allows me to remain productive in ways that Android and the iPhone could not. Businesses all over the world have relied on Microsoft for their critical infrastructure for years ... now it's time for business professionals to trust in Microsoft for their mobile needs. Give it a try -- you just might be impressed!

  • Clarification

AnonD-531500, 19 Jul 2016omg what innovation from 2013 :)Actually the Lumia 920 had it in 2012, and all Lumia flagships since has had it.

  • AnonD-531500

omg what innovation from 2013 :)

  • chen

I have the LUMIA 950 XL DUAL
and got the update too.
Works like a charm.
double tap to wake, scan iris, unlocks.
to lock, doubletap the bar at the bottom.
no need to press any buttons.

  • AnonD-442746

fix old bug and create new one : that is the game

  • Trooper

mir, 19 Jul 2016He's talking about the software, man. His point went way ov... moreI know what his point was, the thing is, do you ?.

Trooper, 19 Jul 2016It's a software update, not a new device.He's talking about the software, man. His point went way over your head.

  • Bobbin

Not true, dual sim variant got the feature at the same time like the normal one via phone update.
Source i have the lumia 950 dual

  • AnonD-463876

Anyone know where I find that cool background image behind the Windows Device Recovery Tool window?

  • Rahul

axionmgc, 19 Jul 2016it'll ruin everything like in lumia 535.How will it ruin in lumia 535?

  • AnonD-383472

Maybe one day Windows mobile will be usable. Maybe

  • Trooper

gargamel, 19 Jul 2016double tap to wake?? are we in 2013??It's a software update, not a new device.

  • AnonD-116091

Wow ..... Amazing feature,,, come on Microsoft, keep up the lead in Mobile Technology , am mesmerized by this feature.... Come'on this is such a old feature available in most of the mobiles....

  • axionmgc

it'll ruin everything like in lumia 535.

  • Falcon

Wow what a great update ...congrats to the windows team .....

  • gargamel

double tap to wake?? are we in 2013??