New photos of the BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3 appear, name not certain

24 September, 2010
New photos of the alleged Storm 3 have appeared confirming the suspicions that it's a minor spec bump of the Storm 2. It's not clear if the BlackBerry 9570 will be called Storm 3 or something else, but...

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  • Henry

i have seen and played around a bit with the storm 3 but i was told it wont be called that the front of it look just like the torch with the optical trackpad the phone is very thin with most of the bulk by the camera. runs very smooth and very fast fastest bb i have every used

  • Taran

I believe this is a hoax... simply get pictures of the OS6 and make minor changes like model change to 9570... upload them to a storm 2, view full-screen and presto! Looks like a storm 2 with OS6. I believe the first leak with the optical track-pad.

  • Greg

If you look closely you can tell this is a storm 2 with the OS6 loaded on it or partially loaded on it. I would find it hard to believe that there is no update to the external housing with a 'refresh'. There are always some updates to the housing...everything pictured is identical to the Storm 2. Even when the updated from the Storm 1 to the Storm 2 the batter door was changed along with the screen. What does everyone else think?

  • Anonymous


  • boring

blackberrys are boring.

  • iphone4

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2010You need a case to make calls, now that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!No it's just to stop scratches and looks very stylist the bumper case.
In a strong 3g area i havn't any issues making calls when facing the cell tower

*Posted from my iphone4 held properly to prove talk of signal loss is all lies when using a case to stop scratches.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You need a case to make calls, now that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • imac

meh....epic failure

  • elina

the picture of leaked storm 3 before is different with this..

  • Anonymous

Isn't this just a storm 2 refresh, the storm 3 pics on crackberry are completley different.

  • ebfields

I am really getting fed up with RIM. It seems like they can produce nothing new. I love my 9700 but if RIM does not come with anything really great I am surely switching back to Nokia. Have they really looked at the competition from other brands lately? Stop dishing out the same old phones, RIM, you are starting to stink really bad.

  • Oz

Ok so Im one of the few that has had a storm and a storm 2 and loved them(yes thats right I thought they were great)but I was lucky I got ones that worked. WTF is RIM thinking repackaging the storm 2????? the damage was done with the original release. Simple answer new release new storm but no they insist on flogging a dead horse. If they dont sort it out and soon Im shifting to WM7.

  • B

RIM should give up on the Storm, consumers do not want them!!!

  • iPhoneBasher v 5

Plzzz, please disable the annoying audio ad from disney channel..., at least the audio... *head explodes*

  • Kang Lin

Maybe the one that has optical trackpad is black pad? Small tablet, big handphone,

  • tscboi

in all seriousness is there really a market location for the storm? working in a phone shop myself all i hear from customers is negative feedback about the previous models

  • Anonymous

Sorry RIM, another fail when it comes to touchscreen Storm....the nokia E7 when it comes out it kill this in terms to functionality!!