Exclusive: Oppo F1s to feature 16MP selfie camera, fingerprint scanner

21 July, 2016
Meanwhile, Oppo outed two new teasers for the next selfie expert.

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  • Raven

I love Oppo phone. My sister is using R7lite and mine is F1. Access to internet is much better than my Sony Xperia Z1, selfie cam is really good and the sound is louder than my old phone. Very affordable price. Thanks Oppo!

  • Madawa mass phone

Corvarc, 21 Jul 2016I agree!!!Very good product.
I'm very happy

  • Anonymous

it will be in a reaonable price for sure then the all the peoples who are against this phone go quickly to by it.
Mark my words.

  • K jack

very nice smartphone oppo

  • min min

to leand

1mp front camera? useless mp. The front cameras on phones are tiny, so instead of adding more mp they should make the software almost perfect! A 5mp front camera is more than enough

  • yash

Good mobile phones oppo

  • Anonymous

What kind of crap is this? A higher res camera ia just gonna make us uglier, they should put a 1.3 MP front shooter if they want to make us think we're pretty

  • boret sith

OPPO should update
-USB Type-C 1.0 reversible connector

  • awi11

Put in a sd652 and not much of a price increase and it will be an even bigger hit...

  • Rubel

For selfiie 5/8mp is enough which can take good quality of image. Actually 16mp is only for marketing.

We need good back camera for mobile photography.
Not all people are sick for selfie madness!

*** OPPO should make their left navigation key as:
short press: resent app
long press: menu

Now people do more multitasking, so quick access of resent app is more realistic.

  • AnonD-563126

OPPO Why Are you expert in Duplicating iphone?? Even out Ouf the Box..

5-8MP Selfie Cam is enough dont make us a fool .. 16 MP LoL !!

  • Anonymous

It's time to change....The World wait "MADLY" about this product...It will revail history again...Come on OPPO...

  • AnonD-402029

4-5mp good front camera like htc ultrapixel or something like S6 front camera is good enough for most people.. 16mp :/

  • AnonD-308243

soon enough as the spec sheets keep mesmerising the mobile phone sector fine tuning software will be a non vital part of phone engineering and only hardware will matter more. as we see now longevity of device ownership is being cut dow with sealed batteries and the handsets are constantly getting thinner buy the year and now whats next realy a 50mpx selfie cam on a smartphone? time to face reality, the thinest smartphone is not good for the world as it compromise durability and battery life which in turn cuts down the life cycle of the devices and in not so long the greed that drives ome will for ppl to find an altenative to cellphones as they did with the old communication methods of old which proved outdated. omes should now open thier eyes cos this irresponsible marketing and hunt for a quick buck is about to destroy the cellphone entirely if this kind of chaneld obsolescence of high cost handsets continues. any way thats just how i see this sort of "development" as they call it others throw around words like "innovation" to hide the irresponsible and misleading marketing used to promote these unnecessary devices.

  • polo

Another costly phone...this phone will be abobe 600 dollar with mediatek chipset...

  • Ramji

Expected satisfied

  • Anonymous

harlekkin, 21 Jul 2016I get quality selfies, but 16mp is too big and unnecessary.... more16MP its useless for selfie only. And F1+ 16MP isnt take shoot like expectation, GSMArena says.


Anonymous, 21 Jul 201616 mp for selfies is insane. This word is sick, people beco... morelol xd

  • Anonymous

Great. The world may soon be dominated by Chinese products...