Teaser reveals Lenovo K5 Note variant with 4GB RAM

25 July, 2016
In China (the only country where the device is currently available), the K5 Note comes with 2GB RAM.

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  • Anonymous

Sri..., 25 Jul 2016Can anyone suggest me which one is best brand xiami/Lenovo?Lenovo

  • sundar

I bought K5 Note Vibe a7020 from Kuwait 2 days before. 3gb ram, 32 gb, 1.8 ghz octa core, 5.5 inch, aluminium body etc. as mentioned. working smoothly. No complaints. Good battery 3500 mah. Price 79 KD.

  • AnonD-564674

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2016yow, I would like to ask if you can put in line Meizu with Lenov... moreLike Xiaomi with their Redmi sub-brand, Meizu tries to enticed people using sub-brand M series, starting from m1 note. When u compare Xiaomi, Meizu, and Lenovo, Lenovo often comes in third place, because their price tag are always slightly above what Meizu & Xiaomi offers.
If u ask which one is the best, it's hard to decide, because Meizu ALWAYS use MediaTek SoC for their M series, while Xiaomi offers both Snapdragon and Mediatek at the same time. In US$ 100 - $200 price range, MediaTek SoC devices OFTEN come in first place, because they are cheap, pack serious raw power albeit using Cortex A53, and OFTEN use new GPU from Mali, which is a good combination to make people avert their attention from Snapdragon, especially from SD 4xx & 6xx LOWER series (615, 616, 617). This is also the logic WHY Xiaomi choose to get SD 650 instead SD 616 or 617, albeit much more expensive than Sd 616 & 617.

In terms of product range, Xiaomi WINS since they release both SD & Mediatek version of their devices, with great price/performance rating for every Redmi sub-brand name. In short, whatever version u choose (MTK or SD), u r likely to be satisfied with what u get for less money.

In terms of design & quality, Meizu TOPS the chart. Ever since they introduced M1 & M1 Note, their name becomes much more known. They introduced their MX series design into M series with the same build quality. They also give the best LCD panel you could get for what little money u pay to them.
BUT, Meizu M series is somewhat inconsistent when releasing their product. M1 note is a GREAT device but fall short to Lenovo K3 Note, Alcatel OT Flash Plus, even the Lenovo A7000, because of the absence of microSD slot which is VITAL for cheap Android device. They do try to correct this mistake by releasing M1 Metal using the all-new Helio X10, which somewhat becomes a saving line for both the error they made in M1 Note & M2 Note.

Next, Meizu tried to correct their mistake for excluding microSD slot with M2 Note, BUT DOWNGRADED their SoC as well as the GPU, which is, once again, VITAL for cheap Android; the same mistake done by Alcatel with their Flash 2 & Lenovo with their K4 Note.

And now Meizu release M3 Note with Helio P10, an 'upgraded' version of X10 in terms of release date, but 'downgraded' in terms of raw power & GPU performance. The result? Just SLIGHTLY BETTER than Meizu M2 Note, M1 & M2, but FAR WEAKER than their M1 Metal, and SLIGHTLY WEAKER than M1 Note.

Now, this is what concerns me a lot, Meizu is a good company and they make good build quality phone & good design phone, but they NEVER try to MOVE ON from MediaTek SoC for their mid-range Android. If this keeps up, their sales of new release product will keep going down, as it is no-brainer to just buy Meizu M1 Metal which is better yet cheaper as of now, or Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 variants, Infinix Zero 3, or the 'mid-range killer' Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

  • man

In Thailand K5 note ram 3 GB price 222$ usd 7990 Bath

  • Anonymous

AnonD-564356, 26 Jul 2016BTW, people who buy smartphone for the brand WON'T bother lookin... moreyow, I would like to ask if you can put in line Meizu with Lenovo or Xiaomi since I like Meizu, they use PowerVR and MTK alternately which is more preferable for me

  • AnonD-564356

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2016Some guys are saying that Xiaomi is best and they are selling mo... moreBTW, people who buy smartphone for the brand WON'T bother looking at LENOVO, they will just go straight to SAMSUNG, LG, IPHONE, or ASUS. IF they bother looking at LENOVO, they will look at their HIGHLY PRICED smartphones, OR just go to ZUK sub-brand.

The one who BOTHER looking at Xiaomi, Meizu, LeEco and any 'small' Chinese brand are LOOKING FOR SPECS, CUSTOM OS AND FEATURES.

Just so u know or remember, the SUCCESS in K4 Note HIGH SALES & K5 Note are thanks to the K3 NOTE. K4 Note, in my opinion, are downright OVERPRICED & INFERIOR SUCCESSOR of K3 Note while K5 Note somewhat better than K3 Note, but not that much. The same situation also applies to Vibe X3. Vibe X3 success is THANKS to Vibe X2 & X2 Pro. I'll remind u of the specs of X2 which makes X3 success:

Vibe X2: 5 inch FHD + MT6595m + 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM + 13mp professional-grade camera with HARDWARE support for 4K recording + LTE support
Vibe X2 Pro: 5.3 inch FHD + SD 615 + 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM with microSD slot + 13mp professional-grade back camera & 13 mp AF front camera with support for external LED flash for selfie
Vibe X3: 5.5 inch FHD IPS LCD with Gorilla Glass 3 + SD 808 + 3GB RAM & 32/64GB ROM with microSD slot + 21mp professional-grade Sony IMX230 sensors back camera with 4K video recording + Fingerprint scanner + Professional-grade 32-bit Sabre ES9018K2M DAC with 3-amp and Dolby Atmos support stereo speakers + LTE Cat 6 + NFC + Big battery 3500 mAh

So, from several hardware feature listed above, u could say that because market responses of Vibe X2 were good, they are comfident in making the successor, Vibe X3, with several upgrades which combines the plus from both Vibe X2 & X2 Pro.
Again, people choose to buy Lenovo Vibe X3 MOSTLY not because of the brand, but because of its high specs and the fod reputation of Vibe X2 series

  • AnonD-564356

AnonD-339856, 25 Jul 2016I m texting this reply from my K5 and u wud b disappointed to he... moreI could say the same back to you: you would be disappointed to hear that in this price backet, YOU ARE LIKELY NOT GOING TO GET ANY ANDROID N, since Lenovo regularly release the update android version TO SELECTED DEVICE ONLY, mostly their HIGHLY PRICED rigs.

See the difference between ur 'bloody fine' but 'sucks in aftersales support' K5 Note and Xiaomi products?

There are actually some company that also doing the same business as Xiaomi; Meizu and Asus are few of the company that release the updated android version to almost all of their products.

  • AnonD-564356

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2016Some guys are saying that Xiaomi is best and they are selling mo... moreDid I ever said in any of my comment 'Xiaomi is the best' or something along those lines? Please understand that OPPO, VIVO, and LENOVO are GIANT COMPANIES with TONS of MONEY, BIG R&D RESOURCES, and RESOURCES TO SPEND. Looks at the products lines of those 3 companies which have been released to public, CAN U LIST THEM ALL? You can't, because their approach to be such a big company are:

1. release as many products as possible to public, with little to no difference in specs & features; the only differences they provide mostly gimmicks and demography.

2. After released that whole bunch of product lines, they wait for market responses of each products, and while doing that, read people expectations of the features to be added in the future release;
e.g. people always out of juice since their rigs are always connected to internet, therefore the company introduced QUICK CHARGING while still keeping measly battery capacity (OPPO approach) OR just making their battery capacity bigger (Lenovo approach).
People this days, especially in Asian countries, are all-over selfie, therefore the company introduced BETTER SELFIE CAMERA with autofocus, beautification, front flash LED, and so on.
Nowadays, some people are just paranoid of their privacy; they made their phone as a wallet to store & keep all their private business, therefore companies introduced FINGERPRINT technology on their devices.
Recently, people's hype is all about VR, therefore companies introduced VR feature in their products, even as far as bundled the VR with their products.

3. After they saw market responses of each of their products, they will introduced the 'better' and 'upgraded' version of the products, while often discontinuing any other products with low responses, or low sales record; to cut their loss, sometimes with the upgrade, they also keep other feaurure the same as before, and again, see market responses of this decision.

All those 3 are what I see and learn in class about BIG SMARTPHONE COMPANY IN ASIA, especially in China & Japan (and Korea).

But, this business model is not what few companies are looking for; instead, they mimicking Apple's way of doing business, only release few products in a year, but with a feature & specs that will keep them busy for the moment until they release the next model. Asus, Meizu, Xiaomi, & OnePlus are several of few companies which uses this business model. The upside of this business model: the brand name leaves deep impression in people's mind, therefore they will associate the brand with 'High Quality' images. The downside, since they ONLY release few products once a year/semester, they likely won't record SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT of product sales, BUT this downside can somewhat become chances to turn the table by their creative sales marketing: flash sale, invitation code sale, blind sale (OnePlus 3), giving away or sold they products at really low prices to hundreds of people just by doing video of them smashing their old phone, and many more.

See the big idea why Xiaomi is no. 8 and Lenovo is no. 3 in record sales now, DUDE?

  • Fr

Sri..., 25 Jul 2016Can anyone suggest me which one is best brand xiami/Lenovo?Depends. If you are living in china or india, are they both really great supported, in terms of official stores and warranty. Xiaomi makes more high end/affordable phones (High grade parts like QC Snapdragon SoC´s), while Lenovo goes with lower end/ very cheap prices. I would say Xiaomi delivers the best bang for your buck. :)

  • AnonD-339856

AnonD-564356, 25 Jul 2016Additional info: Lenovo release 3 variants of K5: Lenovo K5: SD... moreI m texting this reply from my K5 and u wud b disappointed to hear that in this price bracket, it's bloody fine.

  • Sri...

Can anyone suggest me which one is best brand xiami/Lenovo?

  • Anonymous

Some guys are saying that Xiaomi is best and they are selling more phones than any other. Actually, People are going with brand, other features other than so called more powerful processor. Lenovo is 4th best seller in china, which doesn't have any Redmi note 3 level device or Snapdragon 820 device. All they gained these success with K4 note, K5 note and Vibe X3. Xiaomi is claiming record sales of redmi note 3 and Mi5. Actually its in 5th position which can't even compete over priced vivo or oppo which are in 2&3 positions. Its the same in india, in Android phones, Lenovo is no3 and Xiaomi in no8.

  • AnonD-564356

AnonD-559424, 25 Jul 2016redmi note 3 is already beaten by le eco 2. It might not surpas... morelol, u said ALREADY BEATEN, but where is the proof? LeEco is even more hard to buy than Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. BTW, no microSD slot, lower battery capacity, and warranty issue are some of the main issue that often becomes deal-breaker when buying Android gigs, and LeEco have it all. I know LeEco since they are still called LeTv, and their device is top notch in overall both hardware specs and software optimization, but NO external storage are obviously a big NO GO for android user. If u forget, many Android user user android because of its BIG APPS library & external storage options, unlike iPhone, while still retain high specs and feature u could also find on iPhone in Android

  • AnonD-559424

Anonymous , 25 Jul 2016This wont be a hit. Cos specs are very similar to Yu Yunicorn. I... moreredmi note 3 is already beaten by le eco 2. It might not surpass the sale figure of redmi note 3 as it was launched earlier. But it is already proved that it perfoRMS better than redmi note 3 in every aspect except battery

  • AnonD-564356

Additional info: Lenovo release 3 variants of K5:
Lenovo K5: SD 415 + 2GB RAM = SUCKS
Lenovo K5+: SD 616 +2GB RAM = MEDIOCRE
Lenovo K5 Note: MT6755 +2/3/4 GB RAM = MEDIOCRE

With this line up specs, their sales won't get more than a third of Redmi Note 3 pro, or Redmi Note 2 prime in my country!!

  • James

Lenovo K4 has Gorilla Glass... y not k5 note doesn't have ??????

  • AnonD-564356

Anon 2, 25 Jul 2016Well said. SD650/652 with Adreno 510 would have been much better... moreMTK devices are certainly a good alternatives, but when they choose the inferior one than their predecessor K3 Note, do u think people will spend their hard-earned money to buy inferior goods?
I myself, if faced with such decision of what to buy, I will go for Redmi Note 3 Pro, or a bit dated Redmi Note 2 Prime. No other devices as far as I know could beat the tag price of these 2 monsters in mid-range!

If what u said is true, the Lenovo could make a differentiation in price range & demography. They could place their original brand, Lenovo, like Xiaomi, a brand that focused more on creating price-per-performance devices, while Motorola is another brand that focused more on exclusivity, durability, and design.

e.g. Lenovo released K5 Note with SD 650 or SD 808 with 3GB RAM, and add some gimmicks like free ANTVR or something that's hype in each country

While for Motorola, they released Moto G family with SD 652 with 3/32 or 4/64 option, with the device more durable/rugged than ur everyday phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-135543, 25 Jul 2016You might have forgot Leeco Le2 in the price range with solid sp... moreIts not built in a solid way anyway

  • SiD

I would definitely buy the #KillerNote5, if it comes with SoC 650 or 652. Lenovo had already bumped up its ram to 4GB.
Really don't want to hit the #KillerNote5 with an old processor.

  • Anon 2

AnonD-564356, 25 Jul 2016Agreed. You could even said Redmi 3 Note is 'FLAGSHIP KILLER' de... moreWell said. SD650/652 with Adreno 510 would have been much better. But they are releasing the Moto G.x line with the SD chipset and the note line up with MTK chipset.