Oppo F1s hands-on: First look

02 August, 2016
Oppo's camera-centric F series has been growing fast since the original F1 came out in January this year. We were surprised to see Oppo make haste with a successor of the "Selfie Expert" but they seemed to have a point.

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  • Anonymous
  • Dky
  • 04 Jun 2018

we are all oppo neo7 or a33f want to face unlock feature and new system update

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    • Anonymous
    • K6w
    • 27 Dec 2016


    Purchased an Appo F1S 64 GB Gold phone on the 22nd of Dec'16.The shop is barely 100 metres from my residence.As soon as I opened the Phone Box after reaching home I observed that the front glass is broken.Within 5 minutes I went back to the RETAILER from where the mobile was purchased but to my surprise the Retailer failed to acknowledge his mistake.He rather claimed that I would have broken the mobile. After a lot of argument with him when I insisted to show me the CCTV footage he said that he will speak with the Dealer and try to get the phone exchanged.He kept the phone with him for 4 days and said that he will arrange for a replacement within 3-4 days.However when I went back to him on the 26th to collect the phone, he denied my request saying the ASM of Appo did not consider replacing the mobile and that there is no proof that the damage was done at his end.I am completely shocked by this kind of behavior on part of the Retailer as well as the Dealer. I got a damaged phone at the end after paying around Rs. 18200.

    I will take strict legal action against the Company (OPPO) for Making and Selling defected low grade products to Consumers and the Retailer (SAI COMMUNICATION GURGAON) for cheating Customers by selling such Products.After all it is my hard earned money.I am not going to pay the price for a mistake that hasn't been done at my end.The Retailer kept me busy taking the payment (swiping my card)while his employee packed the phone.This is absolute cheating.I had always been a Samsung user and never did I come across any such complaints as far as the product quality is concerned.However this experience has made me feel that Brands are after all Brands.Never go for any Brand just because any celebrity is endorsing the product. I will go every way to ensure Customers know about the reality of such products being sold in the market and no other Customer is duped just like the way I am.

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      • popcorn
      • 8YD
      • 01 Nov 2016

      laden, 17 Aug 2016how mamy colours ?? oppo f1s?13M colors

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        • jaja
        • QGM
        • 25 Oct 2016

        want to know if the software update is good or are there any issues about the new update? just bought the phone yesterday and there is already an update. need advice if I need to update it. thanks. appreciate your help.

          • j
          • jaydip
          • g36
          • 19 Oct 2016

          i want to know gyroscope available on oppo f1s. And also want to know slow motion available in oppo f1s?

            • a
            • aditya
            • 7jZ
            • 19 Sep 2016

            I want to by but my dad is telling samsung what I do because I want oppo f1s tell me howz it is

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              • laden
              • 7um
              • 17 Aug 2016

              how mamy colours ?? oppo f1s?

                • T
                • Tabz
                • fx6
                • 16 Aug 2016

                ..how much is oppof1s?. Thank u

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                  • ashish halder
                  • U{t
                  • 13 Aug 2016

                  It's not bad...

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                    • SUBO
                    • vx0
                    • 11 Aug 2016

                    sahil , 07 Aug 2016guys plz suggest me this mobile i'll buy or not...? or sug... morelook for huawei p9 lite almost same price

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                      • Kukku
                      • 9Gb
                      • 08 Aug 2016

                      This is a Good Phone....Below 18000

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                        • sahil
                        • YQE
                        • 07 Aug 2016

                        guys plz suggest me this mobile i'll buy or not...?
                        or suggest any smartphone better of this...

                          • D
                          • D K Sinha
                          • tYV
                          • 06 Aug 2016

                          FM not available, screen resolution might be problem (720x1280)

                            AnonD-166413, 03 Aug 2016Another cheap phone, I really get tired of seeing GSMArena'... moreUh no thank you, Chinese phone brands are inevitably becoming the best!!!!

                              • D
                              • AnonD-339856
                              • 7kH
                              • 05 Aug 2016

                              Looks exactly like a $105 Lenovo Vibe K5

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                                • DESSANGLES
                                • 9yM
                                • 04 Aug 2016

                                And the OIL what is it for?

                                  • S
                                  • SDKforLumia
                                  • KIB
                                  • 03 Aug 2016

                                  AnonD-166413, 03 Aug 2016Another cheap phone, I really get tired of seeing GSMArena'... moreEnough of trolling already.

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                                    • mir
                                    • t7E
                                    • 03 Aug 2016

                                    AnonD-166413, 03 Aug 2016Another cheap phone, I really get tired of seeing GSMArena'... moreYou really have no right to tell them what they can or cannot post on their own website. Just ignore the posts you don't like to read. No one is forcing you anyway.

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                                      • Melanie
                                      • 3Rj
                                      • 03 Aug 2016

                                      Thank you for your review!
                                      I considered buying Oppo F1 plus, but it was a little bit too expensive for me, so I'm happy they made F1s which is much more affordable.
                                      I would buy it right now, but unfortunately there isn't oppo f1s in Oppo's online shop (http://europe.oppostyle.com/devices). Neither is Oppo F1 plus, which makes me uneasy, because it has been launched a long time ago.
                                      Does anyone know why Oppo F1s isn't available there? How can I buy it? (I am from Latvia)

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-166413
                                        • 3be
                                        • 03 Aug 2016

                                        Another cheap phone, I really get tired of seeing GSMArena's front page littered with these stuff.
                                        Please Arena, forget about chinese handsets, they have more than enough forums and sites to
                                        Talk about chinese products, plus most of the chinese don't speak any other language than their
                                        Own, instead bring us more tablets, or maybe even netbooks or notbooks of the brands we already
                                        Know and love!