Samsung announces S8530 Wave II, meet the big-screen edition

04 October, 2010
You thought the Samsung Wave 2 was the successor to the Wave, didn't you? We too - but it's not, the Samsung S8530 Wave II is the real deal. The screen has grown to 3.7-inches and all the great features...

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  • Anonymous

Samsung is short on AMOLED thats why they used SLCD, and the production on s8500 has stopped due to amoled shortage

  • Anonymous

good thing its still slim,

Super Clear LCD

i'm getting a feeling its just all garbidge PR talk to get hype going

Samsung Super AMOLED (SAMOLED)
Samsung/Sont Super LCD
Nokia Clear Black display
Samsung Super Clear LCD
Apple Retina IPS Made by LG

its all marketing gimmick, while yes the SuperAMOLED was rightfully given its title, it is still the best, but all these other kinds are just trying to get some of that hype cause regular LCD isnt enough for anyone anymore

  • DNA_Uncut


  • Hakim

Urgghh..i have already buy wave..just about 1 month ago..

  • ssj

Why they just released a new model with a bigger display only? First wave's 3.3 inc display was big enough in my opinion.

  • syd

this news story all but confirms this prebious rumour that samsung run out of super-AMOLED, they've sold all of that to apple for iphone5...
Hmmm why samsung?super amoled to lcd isnt same

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]powerful overall

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

"Super Clear LCD"?. Super amoled is the way forward!

  • waka

nice device, first wave lacked bigger screen ;)