Asus to hold Zenfone 3 press event in India on August 17

05 August, 2016
It remains to be seen if the company will sell the phones right away or will wait a few more weeks.

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  • AnonD-584844

Crisp, sharp and clear images every time. the 16MP camera with 4-Axis OIS on this phone is simply stunning.

  • Anand

What is the expected price of zenfone 3 in India

  • karam@32

What is the venue of event?

  • smart user

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2016it's not about the numbers alone from the total population ... moreYou r wrong. India is much better than indonesia. There is more poverty in indonesia than India. Also indonesia is a small market compared to India. So no comparison at all. byee

  • Arun

Being an Asus fan,waiting for zenfone 3 at an affordable price below 16k with 64gb onboard storage. If this is going to be costly, going for lenovo zuk z1 with no option.

  • Yashpal

I am waiting for Asus Zenfone 3 series & reliable Price in india

  • Balaji

only introducing all countries but no sales ............


i'm waiting soon asus zenphone 3 series

  • AnonD-542242

They don't even give software update to flagship phones like zf2 ze551ml... this will b my last phone from asus

  • Anonymous

Indian, 05 Aug 2016In World Smart Phone Sells India No.2....... And Very Soon ... moreit's not about the numbers alone from the total population or total number phone sales, but the ratio between number of population compared to total phone sales in a country, India still below than Indonesia (number of phones sale is at least twice or more than total population); and then ratio between total marketing cost spent compared to how many phone sales and/or benefits/income, Indonesia and other south east countries still far better than India. Last factor, is consumer's capability to buy it and consumerism (these factors aren't limited to total phones sale only but also how well flagship phone sale as well other midrange and upper segment phone sale). That's why Samsung and LG (and followed by other south korean companies) targeting Indonesia market right after China, even Samsung acknowledge it by shifting their next main focus to Indonesia.

  • zoner

pls keep the price for ZE520KL around 16K.
It will be a gift for zenfone fans.

  • AnonD-402029

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2016interested to buy z3 deluxe but waiting to long.. soon i wi... morewell note 7 is way too expensive :/

  • Anonymous

GotDLife, 06 Aug 2016Zenfone 2 user for a year, battery is really bad.same but I always good battery life

  • GotDLife

Zenfone 2 user for a year, battery is really bad.

  • Anonymous

No updates for their previous flagship Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML. Still running on buggy 5.0.

No more Zenflops for me.

  • AnonD-509743

Z3Nvolution event is being held today, 6 August in Malaysia. Its is rumoured that all 5 variant of Zenfone 3 will be released here.
Hopefully the price is reasonable & competitive.

  • meinformyou

Mayank, 05 Aug 2016does zenfone 3 feature a 5.2" or a 5.5"? screen u say delux... moreThat should be 5.7

  • partap

Mayank, 05 Aug 2016does zenfone 3 feature a 5.2" or a 5.5"? screen u say delux... morethe deluxe model has 5.7" screen, not 5.2, i have been using asus zenfone 5 for almost 2 years, performance is still great, the only problem i found is camera quality in asus phones, its does not stand anywhere when compared to samsung phones, still excited about the new series, i hope that they bring the prices down, what lenovo, MI and Leco have done recently, because this is going to be a tough competition and price will be the biggest deal breaker

  • Mayank

does zenfone 3 feature a 5.2" or a 5.5"? screen u say delux has a bigger screen but quote it to be 5.2" (

  • yuri

Too bad Asus will price them in the worst possible way. Just once I'd like them to price their phones competitively...