Market update

02 June, 2006
The end of this week coincided with the official selling start of several very interesting phones that would surely stir up the people's interest. Nokia E70, Nokia 6234, Sony Ericsson M600...

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  • Faisel

I think that te mobile industry is really improving fast!

  • fonemaster

and dont forget E70 has a qwerty keybord, rotatable screen and office applications, E70 is a proper phone N80 is just a toy.

  • Anonymous

I really liked the Dolce and Gabanna motorolla, is it available in Dubai now?

  • willstay

Nice phones M600 and E70. I will have to loot the bank to be able to buy them. I need a partner who can work with locks and guns :)

  • Anonymous

E70 will noy only compare to N80, it will "OUTRUN" N80 and send it off to a far-off land. Yes N80 has got more MP but E70 does much better on everything else. E70 even offers the "Blackberry push e-mail" feature. E70 has WI-FI 802.11 i/e/g which will connect you to almost every hotspot you can find, while N80 only offers 802.11 g. And the screen, N80 has 320 x 240 262K colors while E70 has 416 x 352 16M colors - E70 wins by both pixel count and color production.

  • Anonymous

does the e70 match up to the n80 (besides the camera)?

  • Anonymous

when will w950 be launched????

  • Anonymous

pls nokia when r u releasing 6233 ? price of E 70?

  • Cass

Yes, finally E70 is coming out. I've waited long enough for it...

  • Anonymous

ple dont forget SE is great cell then nokia E70

  • Anonymous

i want t buy M600 nice design,nice features.really i love the end i wish w 800 must be included in this comptition.GOOD LUCK SE

  • Josh

I just wish suppliers in Hong Kong would hurry up and get the E70 in stock .. seems to be taking forever.

  • Anonymous

Series 40 isn't Symbian.

Series 60 is, Series 80 is, Series 90 is, but Series 40 isn't.

  • Anonymous

i'm wating for 6233 so long!!!! please nokia!!!

  • boyhukas

Do we have a price for the e70? I'd like to know coz I plan to get one.

  • zzz

when i sold my 6230i i was waiting for 6233 to aarive in market...c'mon nokia when r u guys going to release tht fone..............

  • powermiguel

Anyone knows when they will start selling the SE k800? And when comes to Europe?

  • an

anyone knows when they will start selling the d870 or d900? is it worth waiting or shall i get e900 instead?

  • Anonymous

but still nodate of release of P990i :(

  • Meer

Nokia is producing good phones, but sizes are very large that is hard to keep in pocket. They should be small in size and rich in feature.