Leaked teaser suggests new Meizu phone coming September 3

14 August, 2016
The teaser image contains tag lines "Pro than Pro" and "true flagship fingertips."

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  • Yujikon

I hope they will finally build some >5" screen sized phone...

Thats interesting we will finally see a true flagship from meizu unlike pro6 and mx6

  • AnonD-308243

Meizu using exynos Chip On thier Cellphone Should be interesting Since Samsung has shown how potent thier 8890 is Lets See how Meizu will put this Chip to Work for them . Cant Wait :)

  • humblepupp

Nothing,but Nothing, can outdo The True Puppet Master....and I LOVE THAT GUY! LOL

  • AnonD-255623

I think it's high time that Meizu and other Chinese OEMs drop Apple like marketing and find their own identity.